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Jena Frumes – Famousss.com Jena Frumes – Famousss.com

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Jena Frumes

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Union Beach, New Jersey

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This blonde-haired, hazel-eyed beauty has stolen the hearts of Jesse Lingard and Jason Derulo. Jena Frumes is a 27-year-old Instagram model that has over 4.3 million followers. Her posts on her @jenafrumes account envoke wanderlust, as people gush over the locations she’s hanging out in and the bikinis where she’s hanging out! 

Jena Frumes’ Net Worth

Jena Frumes has no shortage of Famousss men willing to wine and dine her. However, she makes that paper on her own. The model and TV hostess has a respectable $250,000 net worth. 

Most of Jena’s money comes from ad revenue generated through her @jenafrumes Instagram account. Her endorsements are typically in line with her brand. As you can tell by her banging bikini pics, Jena leads a healthy and active lifestyle and encourages her followers to do the same. 

That’s why she partners with companies like the cold-juice beverage brand Fuel Station. She also promotes women’s empowerment. That’s why Jena was happy to partake in some shooting lessons in exchange for exposure with Taran Tactical

Jena Frumes’ YouTube channel has 158,000 subscribers. She regularly features her boyfriend, R&B superstar Jason Derulo, in her videos, including He Surprised Me With My DREAM CAR. He got her a Mercedes-Benz AMG. As she gushed, the starlet humbly said, “I’ve never had a push-start button car before!” 

Jena Frumes’ Early Life and Family

Jena Frumes was born on Sepmteber 21, 1993 in Union Beach, New Jersey. Both Jena and her younger sister are of mixed ethnicity. 

They are:

  • Half Native American
  • Part French
  • Part African

She grew up wanting to be an entertainer at an early age. However, Jena wasn’t sure how to break into the industry. So, she attended North Carolina State University in Durham as she figured things out. 

Jena Frumes’ Rise to Fame

Jena had a slow start with her career. She launched her YouTube page on November 15, 2015. However, she didn’t begin posting content until her video on June 22, 2018. 

The video is called HONDURAS Swimming With Jaguars. This video featured a montage of Jena and Jason living their best lives with “Anywhere” by Sigma playing. 

Her love life really propelled her into the stratosphere. However, her natural beauty caught agents’ eyes. Jena knew if she were to be taken seriously as a model that she would need a portfolio. 

So, she started dropping off her resume and headshots to multiple agencies. Eventually, she started landing endorsement opportunities, which lead to her creating her own brand. 

She landed a couple of gigs as a member on Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out. Nick was captivated by her beauty and wanted her on. One episode she appeared in also featured Pete Wentz, the lead singer of Fall Out Boy and ex-husband of Ashlee Simpson. 

Since then, Frumes dabbled in acting. She appeared in the music video “Ah Yeah” by Jacob Latimore. Then she acted in the drama Mango & Guava. Jena played the lead role of Mango.

Jena Frumes’ Relationships

Jena Frumes is no stranger to the public eye. She had a very on-display romance with soccer star Jesse Lingard. Lingard plays for Manchester United as a forward. 

The two met in 2016 in the United States. This hot couple had a jet-setting romance, dining together in Barcelona. However, they ended up breaking up amicably (allegedly) by mid-2017. 

Rumor has it that Jesse cheated on Jena with admin assistant Leonie Borek. In an exclusive post written in the Sun, it turns out that Jesse invited Leonie over to eat Domino’s and drinking Disaronno. They ended up in the hot tub and having sex three times. 

Many soccer enthusiasts dogged the player after the breakup. United lost many games. People were blaming Jena for these losses. 

Jena took some time to be herself after the breakup. She was snapped hanging out with other soccer stars, including Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish

She even put out a snap on Snapchat of Jack with the caption, “ooooooo I’m in love.” People weren’t sure if that comment was tongue in cheek or if her tongue was really in his mouth. However, she denied the romance and said that the two were merely just friends. 

In late 2017, Jena rebounded with Antonio Brown, a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccanneers. Their relationship fizzled faster than the Kansas City’s Chiefs’ chances at the Superbowl. So, she didn’t seem to give him the same kiss of death that Lingard experienced. 

Actually, he did the star dirty. Brown learned that his affair was pregnant with his baby. 

Jena took to Instagram to say,

“No one likes being” used for a publicity stunt by a person that they liked, just so you could piss their ex off.”

Next, Jena was linked to Nick Cannon, the star of Wild N’ Out on MTV. However, her relationship with Nick Cannon ended the same way it did with Mariah Carey — a breakup.

By the end of 2018, Jena finally met Jason Derulo. They’ve been together ever since, creating hot content like the Touch My Body Challenge

Jena Frumes’ Rumors & Controversies 

Jena was under a lot of scrutinies following her breakup with Lingard. People were accusing her of being a Yoko Ono. 

She kept telling followers on social media that they didn’t understand the situation. The star asked for her privacy during the tough time. However, the criticisms would continue with each Manchester United loss. 

When Jena’s men go buck wild, she hits them up styles. When her and Antonio Brown broke up, the actress put his phone number out on Twitter. She encouraged her 162,000 on @jenafrumes to tweet Antonio Brown asking for him to give Jena her property back!

Other Notable Facts About Jena Frumes

Jena loves animals and the environment. During her travels, she tries to give back to the community. This star raises awareness about pollution in the oceans. She also encourages people to ditch or reduce their use of plastic.

Just like she loves the ocean, Jena’s favorite color is blue. When the model wears blue, it really makes her curly blonde hair and hazel eyes pop. 

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