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Jelle Van Vucht (born: October 14, 1996 [age 22] is a Dutch vlogger known the world over as Jelly. He is also affectionately known by many as Jelle Bay or Jelly Bay. Van Vucht is notorious for his loud, upbeat personality. He updates his official YoutTube channel daily to his 12 million subscribers and counting. 

Jelly on YouTube

While 12 million subscribers sound impressive as it is, he reached this impressive amount just two months after 11 million! Early 2019 proved to be an excellent time for the star, as in January his total video views topped the 4 billion mark!

This European gaming sensation has grown his base quickly in his through his young career. He earned his notoriety by earning his stripes with a lesser-known group within the gaming circles known as Robust. Together, this tandem makes its dollars by playing games such as:

  • Grand  Theft Auto V
  • Scrap Mechanic
  • Garry’s Mod
  • Golf It

All of the members of the group have their own channel, with the breakout star clearing be Jelly. Jelly uses this popularity spurt to help shine the light back on his comrades. He regularly appears in many videos across their channels. In particular, Robust is fond of dropping Q&A videos. These sort of uploads are known to spotlight their brightest star quite often.

Jelly Upbringing

Jelly actively pursued a life of streaming. The star grew up in Roermond. This municipality is a diocese of what is the southeastern region of the Netherlands. During his time in Roermond, the burgeoning video star got his feet wet with a short education at Eindhoven. While enrolled at Eindhoven, Jelly focused on audio-visual courses.

To supplement his studies, Jelly started toying around the idea of starting his own YouTube channel. As his channel started to gain momentum, Jelly shifted his priorities. With growing demands of producing daily content, Jelly focused on his bread and butter. This decision caused Jelly to leave Eindhoven. Now, the 22-year old competitor focuses on his streaming career full-time.

Jelly and Sanna 

The YouTube star not only crosses over with fellow members of the Robust family, but he also makes appearances on his girlfriend’s YouTube channel. Jelly is romantically linked to Sanna. Sanna herself boasts 1.9 million followers and growing.

What makes Sanna and Jelly so compatible is their comedic timing. Both like to incorporate voices, jokes, and gags into their routines. They have a tendency to make up conversations between characters on the screen that will have you burst out laughing.

Jelly on YouTube Collaborations 

While Jelly and Sanna create a sizeable amount of content together, the Dutch gamer branches out beyond his gaming clan and girlfriend. Jelly also creates content with favorite YouTube vloggers, Kwebbelkop and Slogoman.

With his base continuing to grow, Jelly has caught the attention of other huge internet stars. In fact, one of the most popular videos Jelly has in his portfolio includes a collaboration with PewDiePie.

Other Jelly Businesses

Unlike PewDiePie, who has been known to stir up a lot of controversies, Jelly likes to pride himself on being a child-friendly channel. He doesn’t swear, put down others, or promote any bigoted ideals.

Going this route has proven to be a massive success for Jelly. He has been able to turn that business practice into a lucrative endeavor. First, Jelly created a jelly-drop looking mascot. On top of the logo, Jelly has effectively branded Slimer-esque shades of green and black into his gear. This vision has allowed the star to create a complete fashion line of apparel.

Jelly now produces a wide variety of items including backpacks, clothes, and phone cases. Feel free to check out his official store at the Jelly Store. In a 2-for-1 deal, you can also cop yourself some official Sanna merch through Jelly’s store as well.

Second Jelly YouTube Video

With that being said, the success of his main YouTube channel allowed him to crossover into a more adult-oriented niche. Combining his love for GTA V, the star made a channel known as GTA5Videos. Currently, this channel is at a respectable 863K subscribers.

While he himself doesn’t use any poor language in these videos, it is GTA content, which in itself may be unsuitable for some.

The GTA V channel isn’t just GTA videos. Jelly looks to give back on this channel to those in the vlogging community. He uses this channel as a way to reach out to other content creators. Within the videos, he offers tips on bettering your page. In addition, his second YouTube page also allows for cross-promotion opportunities. This is more of a community to help the industry grow and continue to blossom into the powerhouse it’s become on YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming services.

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