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Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. (born: November 15, 1985 [33]) is a YouTube star who specializes in makeup tutorials, vlogging, and fashion critiques. In the world of viral celebrities, Jeffree Star is an OG. He became the most followed celebrity on MySpace back in 2006. While many early viral celebs are no longer relevant, Jeffree Star’s star has been rising steadily through MySpace to Facebook all the way to today’s YouTube craze.

Jeffree Star Early Beginnings

Jeffrey’s father committed suicide when the star was only six. Primarily raised by a single mother, a young Jeffree was known to dabble in his mother’s makeup. This fascination kick-started a life that would bring the young boy many riches.

Falling in love with the colors, Jeffree tried to wear makeup whenever he could. Finally, his mother caved and allowed the young boy to wear makeup to middle school. These experiences toughened Jeffree up and got the star ready for a life in the limelight and smeared with criticisms.

Following graduation, the future star moved to LA. He used MySpace as an outlet to vlog about his experiences. The page he set up became predominantly centered around self-imagery and boosting your confidence. When he wasn’t sharing his emotional experiences, Jeffree was also offering the world a glimpse into his life. At the time, Jeffree was struggling to make ends meet as he tried to strike it big in the world of movies, modeling, and fashion.

Jeffree Star Music Career

As the burgeoning influencer attempted to find his way in the world of celebrity, Jeffree Star enjoyed a short stint as a musician. He started his foray into music by sampling pop lyrics with electronica notes. In 2007, he went on a 15 city tour that was sponsored by Logo TV.

Two years after the True Colors tour, Star released his only studio album Beauty Killer in 2009. On the album, Star gained a lot of buzz for his collaboration with Nicki Minaj on the track “Lollipop Luxury.” Star’s talents caught the eyes and ears of Konvict Muzik, founded by Akon.

Akon touted that Star was going to be the next coming of Lady Gaga. The partnership saw both parties working on Star’s second album. Finally, in 2013, Star announced he was leaving Konivct Music. Jeffree’s second album never saw the light of day. Vowing to never return to music, the star stated that signing with Akon was “the biggest mistake I ever made.”

Launch of Jeffree Star Cosmetics 

With the music world leaving a bad taste in his mouth, Jeffree decided to return to what brought him to the dance–makeup. The star launched his highly successful cosmetics line in 2014. The e-commerce company is known as Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

The launch of the brand took center stage in a five-part docuseries created by Star. In the expose, the star revealed his music career left him bankrupt. He put the last of his savings into his cosmetic company. Luckily for Jeffree, the line took off. As they say, the rest was history.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Controversies 

As his popularity grew, Jeffree started to rub elbows with some big-time celebs. As working with such prominent personalities can be, Jeffree has had his fair share of frienemies. Most famous of these feuds might be Kylie Jenner.

The youngest self-made billionaire used to have Jeffree as one of her top PR influencers. After sending Jeffree some product, the star spoke out. He claimed that Kylie had stolen his packaging concepts for her line. Furthermore, Jeffree gave Kylie a horrible review. As a result, the Kardashian removed Jeffree from her PR list and never worked with him again.

Kat Von D also had a fallout with Star. The twosome was poised to work on a line of cosmetics together. However, Kat Von D pulled out of the partnership before it really began to take off. As Von D explained, Star brought to the association, “drug use, racism, and bullying.”

Although they stopped working together, Von D still attempted to cash-in on Star’s name. In fact, one of her lipsticks still bore the name of the YouTube sensation.

Speaking of racism, Kim Kardashian has once defended Jeffree Star for being called racist. She told those who were attacking him to get over it. However, KKW later redacted her statement, saying it wasn’t her right to tell people to get over racist speech. From there, she butted heads with the star when he reviewed her contour pallet. He noted to his followers that something was not right with Kim’s swatches. Not one to back down Mrs. West told Jeffree that he needed to learn how to swatch properly.

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