Jayce Ivanah

Elena Ivanah

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Jayce Ivanah



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Phenix City, Alabama

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This 25-year-old smoking hot model blew up in 2015, growing such a loyal following that she had to turn down a $50,000 prostitution offer from a fan! Jayce Ivanah is a newly-engaged internet sensation that grew up in Phenix City, Alabama, under her real name Elena. This brown-haired, blue-eyed hottie became a stripper and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Jayce Ivanah was born, and the world of the Famousss will never be the same!

Jayce Ivanah’s Net Worth

Jayce Ivanah has been working since she was 19. However, she had a very big cocaine addiction. So, she didn’t get to save as much money as she made. Her net worth is $100,000.

Ivanah made most of her money as a stripper in Atlanta and Dothan, Georgia. She would try to get out of the industry because it exposed her to too many drugs. 

So, she would supplement her income with jobs at Hooters. At one point, she even tried being a makeup artist. However, nothing paid like dancing. 

Eventually, Jayce had enough and quit stripping. She amped up her social media presence. Her @iamjayceivanah Instagram page has over 222,000 followers. 

Like other stars, such as Anisa Johma and Sophie Mudd, Jayce Ivanah also has a subscription service through OnlyFans. She bears it all, including deep vagina shots. She earns $17,000 per month or more. So, expect her net worth to go up soon!

Jayce Ivanah’s Early Life and Family

Jayce Ivanah is a Capricorn through and through. This model was born on January 14, 1996, and she is ambitious, realistic, and disciplined. 

Jayce Ivanah grew up in Phenix City, Arizona. She went by her birth name Elena. Elena was prettier than other girls. Boys crushed on her all throughout childhood. Even with a name she hated, she never had trouble landing a boy!

With that said, the future Jayce Ivanah recalls a tough upbringing. In a now-deleted Instagram post, the star stated,

Growing up with no self-confidence was a tug of war.. to say the least.”

There is very little known about her family. Since she is a famous stripper, she wants to save her family from the limelight.

She has stated there are seven members in her family houeshold. The star has four siblings. Her parents had a very healthy marriage. However, they ended up getting divorced after 18 years of wedded bliss.

The divorce of Jayce Ivanah’s parents was amicable. They still co-parent and get along to this day. Both parents have remarried. Elena loves them all.

While we don’t know Jayce’s mom’s name, we do know that her mother is of Comanche heritage. The Comanche are a Native American tribe that inhabited the Great Plains. She has divulged this information because many people question if Jayce Ivanah is of mixed race. 

Jayce insists she is Caucasian and identifies as such. We also know that Jayce Ivanah was raised as a Christian. While she doesn’t practice as much as she did growing up in Phenix City, Alabama, she still does credit God for some of her successes. 

Jayce Ivanah’s Rise to Fame

Jayce Ivanah’s rise to fame has been a slow but steady climb. She moved away from Alabama at the age of 19. 

The star ended up in Atlanta, Georgia. Her goal was to make it in entertainment. She became an exotic dancer to supplement her money. 

The Atlanta stripping scene is hot. So, she caught the eyes of many rappers. The tatted superstar got her first big break being featured in the music video SOULSTICE by L.D.R. 

Her stripping career really took off. The offers to join the porn industry became everywhere. She entertained the offers but decided not to enter the genre. 

She realized that she didn’t want her body on display forever. While the idea is flattering now, she doesn’t want people pleasuring themselves to her having sex long after she’s gone. 

In an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, Jayce recalled being propositioned by a billionaire. He offered her $50,000 to have sex. The star turned him down, saying she didn’t even think twice about it. 

Jayce Ivanah’s Relationships

While Jayce is very private about her daughter, she does have a seven-year-old child named Nahla. Nahla’s father and Jayce were in a long-term relationship. 

In part two of her interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, Jayce opened up about that relationship. Her ex introduced cocaine to Jayce’s life. She ended up with a $96,000 cocaine habit. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, Jayce quit stripping and got off drugs. She moved to Dallas, Texas. 

During this time, she met the love of her life, DJ Smallz Eyes. She did the two-part interview to his DJ Smallz Eyes 2 channel of 1.5 million subscribers. 

The two remained hush-hush about their relationship. Then on Jayce dropped a Valentine’s Day 2021 post showing off her new engagement ring. 

She wrote a long caption, but some one of the sweetest parts was,

“All of our hours & hours of conversations about life together & we’re living it….. A true dream manifested into reality! I will forever cherish US. May our bond never be broken & our love grow stronger by the moment. I’m so thankful for you!!!”

People started wondering who she was talking about. Then DJ Smallz Eyes posted with eye emojis. She then liked it and commented #ForeverValentine. 

So, it’s official! Jayce Ivanah is engaged to DJ Smallz Eyes. 

Jayce Ivanah’s Rumors and Controversies

One time, Jayce Ivanah lost her best girlfriend and a boyfriend in one night. She found out about their affair and put the two on blast on social media. Jayce used that story as a PSA to warn people not to trust others blindly. 

Jayce also grew ire from followers when she said that she would support Nahla if her daughter became a stripper. Ivanah says stripping caused her cocaine habit to get out of control. However, the experiences made her who she is and gave her a decent living. So, she would educate and support her daughter.

In 2019, Jayce Ivanah went to a charity event in Los Angeles, California, called “Babes in Toyland.” On the red carpet, the interviewer asked what the party was missing. 

Jokingly, Jayce said, “beautiful girls and awesome guys.” She followed up that those are “a must” for a party. People started slut-shaming the star, saying she needs to flirt to get ahead. 

Other Notable Facts About Jayce Ivanah

Jayce Ivanah has a sleeve tattoo. She likes to express herself in ink. Her tattoos tell her story. 

Also, she likes to dye her hair a lot. It’s great supplemental material to switch up her nudes on OnlyFans.

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