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Seán William McLoughlin (Born: February 7, 1990 [Age: 18]), is an Irish YouTuber known as Jacksepticeye. People call him Jack for short. This YouTube star’s biggest claim to fame is being the “most energetic video game commentator on YouTube.” He comments on a wide range of video games, but loves the horror niche.

McLoughlin started his YouTube career back when he first graduated high school. His page reached 1 million subscribers by the time he graduated college with a Hotel Management degree.

Seán adopted the “Jack” persona because it’s a typical nickname for Seán in Ireland. The “Septic Eye” came into play from an old football incident. When he was younger, Jack got a laceration on his eye from an accident involving a friend’s glasses. The eye bled profusely and became infected for weeks. This is how Jacksepticeye was born.

In November 2012, Jack took gaming online seriously. He started uploading Metal Gear Solid 4 impressions such as Solid Snake. Jack supplemented his impressions videos with Battlefield 3 uploads. Looking to grow his reach, Jacksepticeye earned a spot on PewDiePie’s Shout Out Competition.

To ride the wave, Jack moved out of his parents’ cabin in the hills to get better internet reception. In 2014, the star moved up to twice daily video uploads. The success of his page allowed Seán to hire an editor for his page.

These daily posts continued until October 2017. At this time, Jack broke the streak by taking a week off to tour with Game Grumps. By July 2018, Jack was citing burnout. He cut down to two releases a day to one. He also launched his own clothing line PMA for Positive Mental Attitude and started the Jacksepticeye Foundation.

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