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This Nigerian choreographer has danced into the hearts of the Famousss. Iziegbe “Izzy” Odigie is a New York-born, Nigeria-raised afrobeat dancer with 272k followers on her official @izzyodigie Instagram account. This 25-year-old star is the founder of Trybe Dancers and was featured on an episode of Empire. We can’t wait to see her next move!

Izzy Odigie’s Net Worth

Izzy Odigie has always followed her passions. So, her work doesn’t always feel like work. That’s been a nice trade-off for Izzy Odigie, whose net worth is $750,000.

Most of Izzy’s income comes from the official Izzy Odigie YouTube channel. She has a highly popular show on this platform called Izzy’s Dance Tutorials. New episodes drop every Tuesday at 9:00 am EST. They have ads before each episode, which makes Izzy a credible YouTube earner.

Izzy’s Dance Tutorials also has its own Instagram page @izzydancetutorials. This showcase page has around 4,500 followers at the moment. However, her YouTube channel is beginning to pick up steam, which should drive growth for this supplemental social media page.

On the other hand, her primary Instagram account is straight fire. @izzyodigie has 272k followers. She commands top dollar to rep some of the finest brands in the industry.

Catch Izzy on IG rocking:

While she doesn’t have the followers of other Famousss stars Addison Rae or Glitch Queen, Izzy Odigie is also starting to gain some momentum on TikTok. This 5’8″ choreographer has 23.4k followers and has amassed 130.6k cumulative likes. 

Her most popular video has 23.6k likes. It features Izzy Odigie challenging people to follow her footwork to learn a Nigerian dance. 

Izzy Odigie’s Family and Early Life

Iziegbe Odigie was born on October 20, 1996, in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother’s name is Osarenoma Odigie, and she was a nurse and. While we don’t know the name of Izzy Odigie’s father, we do know he was a businessman.

Both of her parents were natives of Nigeria. At a very young age, her family decided to return to their homeland. Izzy Odigie went to boarding school in Benin City, Nigeria, between the ages of 3 and 17.

Izzy Odigie was raised by two loving parents in a tight-knit community. The neighborhood bonded over dance, which deeply inspired Izzy. 

When she was a child, Izzy attended a boarding school. The students would participate in weekly dance break competitions. Many students educated Izzy about American street dancing. It captivated her, making the star to long to return to a home she had long forgotten. 

She noticed how there was an unspoken bond among everybody when they danced. Izzy also understood that dance translates across all countries. At a very young age, she knew dance was going to be the avenue that would carve her path to the Famousss.

Izzy Odigie’s Rise to Fame

Izzy was bit by the dance bug and wanted to make a living doing it. In 2007, she begged her family to move back to America, so she could complete her education and start her dance career. Her loving family obliged. 

During high school, Izzy dabbled in modeling. This experience introduced her to a dance crew known as Enkore. Enkore helped Izzy hone her skill set. 

After high school, Izzy Odigie attended St. John’s University in Queens, New York to study dance. During her time at St. John’s, she earned a degree in Psychology. 

During her sophomore year in college, Izzy knew that dance was her future. During this time, the Allen Sports Association (ASA) President contacted Izzy to become their team Captain. She took them up on this prestigious opportunity. 

At 18, she founded her own collective known as Trybe. At the beginning of 2019, Izzy started her YouTube page. Later that year, she had a viral breakthrough when she was featured in an onstage performance with Eddy Kenzo to perform the smash hit Sitya Loss.

Since then, Izzy has gone viral for many dance sensations, including:

Oh My Gosh has over 12 million views to date, while Oh Yay and Eggplant are at 2-3 million ranges. 

Izzy Odigie’s Relationships

Izzy is married to her job. She loves dancing and the freedom it provides her. Therefore, Izzy Odigie hasn’t been in a serious relationship publically yet. However, people have their eyes on Izzy. So, we’ll let you know if Izzy Odigie’s relationship status changes here on the Famousss!

Izzy Odigie’s Rumors and Controversies

It is important for Izzy to stay away from drama. She hasn’t had any rumors and controversies to date. We will let you know about drama involving Izzy Odigie as it unfolds.

Other Notable Facts About Izzy Odigie

Ever the nomad, Izzy Odigie moved to Tokyo in 2019 for a litlte while. She tried to help grow Nigerian dance in the culture but felt the trip wasn’t very successful. However, she is proud of what she learned and has integrated some of these lessons into her online dance tutorials targeted to the masses. 

Izzy Odigie was named as of OkayAfrica’s 100 women in 2019. This list touts the success of women who disrupt their local culture and use their platform to educate a global stage. 

On her days off, Izzy Odigie is a self-professed couch potato. She uses her downtime to catch up on Netflix. Maybe she’ll see other Famousss stars like Fivel Stewart or Justme.Rod.

Izzy admits that she had a hard time readjusting back in the United States. She felt that she had to suppress a lot of her identity to fit in. These feelings were a stark juxtaposition from her experiences in a Nigerian boarding school. 

There, Western culture brought them together and gave Izzy hope. Once she moved back to America, Western culture was making her feel like an outcast.

It means a lot for Izzy to inspire people. The humble star says she gets emails every day from people thanking her for representing her culture so openly. She wants people to feel comfortable in their skin. It took her a while to feel that way, and she will never look back. 

She wants others to experience that same comfort in their daily lives. We love that message and her moves. So, we’ll keep no watching what Izzy’s up to and keep you updated on her last happenings!

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