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With 3.9 million YouTube subscribers, Alex is one of the most famous YouTube stars when it comes to Roblox creations. Her commentary is absolutely hilarious and is bound to give the viewers some laughs. Although, if you are not into the cartoony, lego-like games like Roblox then you may not be one to subscribe to her channel.

It doesn’t seem like Alex has a Twitch account to stream her content but as already mentioned, she has a very successful YouTube channel to access all her videos, which she aims to post a new one every day!

She currently has no means of accepting donations but you can support her through her merch shop.

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Alex is one good looking chick, even if she does wear some interesting articles of clothing. She likes to spend time with her boyfriend and pose for some cute couple pics. It looks like they had a recent Disney trip together as well!

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If you’re looking for daily kid-friendly content including Roblox, Royale High Roleplay and Roblox school videos then you came to the right place! Mind you, she does post unboxings and cool hauls and even does Q&A sessions with her fans. Her boy toy likes to make the odd appearance as well.

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