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Justine Ezarik

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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This girl does just about anything and everything to entertain her viewers, including her 5.7 million on her (main) YouTube channel alone- we say main because she runs a total of FIVE channels (even though she only really uses the main one now). Justine is one of, if not the most, famous female YouTuber OUTSIDE of the YouTube scene as you might recognize her from acting on TV or hosting various television series. She is a very busy girl and aims to please her fans as much as she can.

Justine is described as a “lifecasting star,” posting videos related to tech, video games, failed cooking attempts and more. She recently tested whether or not a flamethrower can be used to bake a cake, and spoiler alert, IT CAN! This video is amongst others on her main YouTube channel that will guarantee some laughs.

Not surprisingly, Justine has her own book so check it out here.

iJustine Pictures

Justine loves a good ol’ fashioned selfie, whether it’s by herself, with her dog or with a new flavour of Oreos that she has to test out, “for science sake.” Regardless, this blonde bombshell is stunning and can make any picture look that much better.

iJustine Videos

The majority of her YouTube videos seem to involve her love for tech- as she has a playlist alone called “Tech Tuesday,” where she will unbox various tech items for her viewers. This all began when she unboxed her first Apple computer and has been obsessed ever since. Be sure to check out her other playlists on YouTube as there are plenty to choose from.

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