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iHasCupquake Tiffany

Tiffany Michelle Herrera

Also known as

iHasCupquake, TiffyQuake, WeAreMishMish



Birth Place

Los Angeles, California

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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“Hey guys! Welcome back to the channel. My name is Cupquake and today we’re gonna play…”

You Promise? Tiffany Garcia, better known as iHeartCupquake is a Guinness Book of World Records holder and a holder of our hearts. When she’s not capturing our hearts, Tiffany Garcia is crushing it on Minecraft. 

iHasCupquake Early Beginnings

Growing up, Tiffany Garcia didn’t envision a life in front of the camera. She was just a video game nerd or sort of kept to herself. However, the years of solitude paid off wonderfully for the future iHasCupquake. 

While she played a lot of video games on her own, Tiffany was still a class clown. She was always the loud one in the group, trying to lift up people’s spirits. That’s why she always considered dabbling in the performing arts. We have some performing arts she can dabble in, but we digress.

Tiffany was born and raised in California. She went to college. When she graduated, the destined starlet was unsure which direction the wind was going to take her. Many around her encouraged the college grad to get a desk job. However, that made her feel sick to the stomach. In fact, she even turned down the opportunity to internship at The Cartoon Network. 

Stuck in a rut, Tiffany was unsure what to do. She did what most gals would in these sort of moments, the future iHasCupquake turned to her besties. Tiffany’s girlfriends encouraged the star to pursue a career in streaming. They felt that she had the perfect personality, passion for gaming, and looks killer on camera.

After scouring YouTube, she actually reached out to others for editing and producing work. She was hired to create videos for a production and content company known as “Machinima.” On Machinima’s dime, Tiffany learned the ins and outs of YouTube. Not only did she learn the technical aspect in terms of bitrates and audio, but she was getting a feel for what sort of content people wanted. Now that she had a taste of YouTube, Tiffany decided it was time to launch her career on the platform.

iHasCupcake YouTube Page

The California native was at the forefront of streaming. She launched her iHasCupquake page on August 19, 2010. Immediately, she released content associated with her love for video games.

In its genesis, the official iHasCupquake YouTube page contained episodes under the bucket of two series titles by the names of:

  • Gamer Talks
  • Piece of Quake

Initially, the videos were just commentaries. However, Tiffany started to screen share her own gaming experiences. This change in format landed her a nice bump in followers. Her success boomed when she started to play internet favorites such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft. 

iHasCupquake Minecraft Growth

As Minecraft blew up, iHasCupquake got hooked too. At this point in her career, Tiffany had hit her stride. She discovered her personality and clearly defined her iHasCupquake persona. That persona is loud and almost child-like. While she is sexy and some people find her funny, others can find the star quite polarizing.

For those that found her their cup of tea, it paid off swell for iHasCupcake. She was named a “Gamer Hero” by YouTube followers. With this notoriety under her belt, iHasCupcake started to crossover into other niches. While Tiffany still played Minecraft, she tried out other ventures on YouTube that proved to be beneficial for the hottie’s career.

iHasCupquake Grows YouTube Channel

Always wanting to keep things fresh, Tiffany decided to try new types of content on her YouTube page. She started off with making a mod series known as Oasis. This change in pace worked out nicely for Tiffany. She continued to release content under the Oasis umbrella for a long time, uploading over one hundred videos in the bucket. 

After the overwhelming success of Oasis, iHasCupquake began creating even more targeted content. She made a plethora of different buckets that had unique content that covered various interests, competitions, and trends.

Shows on the iHasCupquake YouTube channel includes:

  • Husband vs. Wife
  • Flash Friday
  • DIY Geeky Goodies
  • Quake and Bake
  • Cloud 9
  • Enchanted Oasis

Tiffany was always looking for ways to reinvent herself, keep her followers interested, and stay ahead of the new trends. This desire caused her to push boundaries. Finally, Tiffany was starting to get some recogintion for the hard work she puts into her career. 

iHasCupquake Accomplishments 

2014 proved to be a monumental year for iHasCupquake. First, she was nominated for a Teen’s Choice Award. iHasCupquake found herself against some stiff competition for the Webstar Gaming category. Unfortunately, she came up short. However, there is no reason for iHasCupquake to hang her head in shame. She lost out to internet mega star, PewDiePie

After iHasCupquake released the video, Farewell Enchanted Oasis, she received a ton of criticism. People dragged her name through the mud for everything from not having enough diversity to looking bored in videos, especially when she played Minecraft

In an attempt to change the narrative, Tiffany decided to promote more positivity on her page. Shockingly, she shaved the side of her head back in 2016. This stunt caused a surplus of people to begin following her page. 

All of this hard work paid off as iHasCupquake accomplished perhaps her most amazing feat. She landed herself in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2018. Tiffany earned this honor by setting the record for “Most Views for a Female Game Broadcaster on YouTube.” Yeah, we’ll keep watching iHasCupquake, too!

iHasCupcake Other YouTube Channels

Hot off her successes, iHasCupcake started to diversify her brand. Take that, haters. Tiffany began creating new YouTube channels that brought in even more revenue for the starlet. 

You still tune into the iHasCupcake YouTube Channel for Tiffany-related content such as:

  • Gaming
  • Art
  • DIY
  • Tutorials
  • Music

Riding off the success of her flagship channel, Tiffany launched her second endeavor, TiffyQuake. This page already has over a million subscribers.

On the TiffyQuake page, you can expect:

  • Challenges with Husband
  • Makeup Reviews
  • Fashion Tutorials
  • Collaborations
  • Vlogs on Current Events

With the demand for Tiffany not going down, she struck when the iron was hot. iHasCupquake launched her third YouTube channel. Catch Tiffany and her husband, Mario, on ToyBoxCollectibles.

ToyBoxCollectibles has content such as:

  • Video Game Reviews
  • Unboxing Toys
  • Current Game Trends

Yeah, as we mentioned, her husband is all of these videos. However, don’t let that stop you from drooling over some the hottest pics of iHasCupquake on the web.

iHasCupquake Pictures

iHasCupquake HasLotsOfPictures. In fact, she has two Instagram accounts. One is mainly for her brand. A lot of these shots center around her being in a studio. They’re all very fashion editorial and are hocking items you can purchase through her online store.

However, her personal account, under the TiffyQuake banner is one to behold. She partakes in some cosplay and a lot of pouty lipped selfies. With that being said, her husband is also in a good portion of the pics. However, you could just Photoshop your face over them. 

When she’s not gaming and mean mugging for the cam, she is traveling. You will see a lot of pics of iHasCupquake on vacation, checking out many tourist hot spots. 

She also likes to promote her healthy lifestyle. So, you’ll see lots of pics of her doing yoga. In fact, you might even notice her dog on top of her back as she planks every once in a while. Hey, if the dog wants to watch, it’s fine by us.

iHasCupquake Videos

iHasCupquake has a lot of content out. Her videos range from commentaries to fashion to video gaming. That’s why she has broken her interests up into separate YouTube channels. While each channel boasts over a million followers, the one that really makes Tiffany money is the OG of the pack — the official iHasCupquake YouTube page. 

This page features a lot of video gaming content. Right now, she is actually returning to Oasis Enchanted and Minecraft. A lot of of her current videos are also reactions to past videos.

What you will notice is that Tiffany’s personality is always on display. The star is a self-professed extrovert and it shines right through the screen. She lets her bold voice and relentless jokes out for the whole world to see.

Most importantly, you see her love for gaming. She is a down chick to hang out with. Plus, she looks good. Now, if only she would go from an 11 in the excitement department to an 8. Then maybe she might just be the perfect girl. Ah well, it doesn’t matter. 

She’s been married for quite a while. This marriage is something she likes to flaunt on social media and on her YouTube channels. If you want to gag over her and Mario’s escapades, be sure to give their ToyBoxCollectibles page a follow. 

Nonetheless, here are some of iHasCupquake’s most popular videos from her original iHasCupquake YouTube page. These are the videos that put the star on the map and show her personality, and good looks, put to good use.

Popular Videos