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This online fitness coach is inspiring millions to get up and get shaking…or to check him out while he does it. Ian McAlister runs @Ian_McAlister accounts on both TikTok and Instagram. This 5’7″ athlete is growing as an influencer, as he’s started becoming a brand ambassador. This Los Angeles, California star loves to dance and has some of the funniest Reels on social media. It’s no wonder this red-haired, brown-eyed 27-year old is living the life of the Famousss.

Ian McAlister’s Net Worth 

Ian McAlister’s net worth is $500,000. He earns his money because he is an entrepreneur, fitness coach, competitive CrossFit athlete, and TikTok star. 

The @Ian_McAlister TikTok page has generated over 9 million likes as of May 2021. He has 664,000 followers and averages around 50,000 views per video. 

Ian’s content and views are all over the place. When he creates relevant content with the proper hashtags, he can get millions of hits. For instance, his #guysecrets video featuring “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars has 4.6 million views. Meanwhile, his #girlslife video that makes fun of girls never eating has 4.4 million views. 

The @Ian_McAlister Instagram contains a lot of travel content. He also uses it to promote his endorsements. 

Ian_McAlister has business relationships with:

Additionally, Ian McAlister is an online fitness coach. You can book consultations with Ian McAlister through his @McAlisterMedia Facebook account. You can also contact Ian McAlister through email at [email protected].

Ian McAlister Family & Early Life

Ian McAlister was born on January 18, 1994, in North Carolina. While Ian McAlister is getting used to the life of the Famousss, he still likes to keep things private. We don’t know too much about the early life of Ian_McAlister.

Ian’s mother is a breast cancer survivor. She went into remission in 2002. In a sign of solidarity, he commemorated her remission 18 years later by shaving his head

We also know Ian McAlister has a younger sister.

Ian McAlister attended Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina. He was a member of the Campbell Camels Cheerleading Team. As a strong guy, Ian would serve as the male cheerleader that held up the females or would be the base in pyramids.

He’s still got it. In 2019, he visited his alma mater on Alumni Day and lifted a cheerleader. 

This close connection to women allowed him to understand their plights and senses of humor better. That has helped Ian create content that resonates with all genders. 

Ian McAlister’s Rise to Fame

Ian McAlister is practically an overnight sensation. He was always an athletic person and used his fitness background and good looks to create a decent following. 

Right before Ian blew up, he was beginning to make a name for himself in the CrossFit circles. The 5’7,” 165-pound star would get involved in this type of training competitively. 

Ian McAlister entered the CrossFit Games from 2014 until 2018, ranking as:

  • 2014 Individual Men – Unranked
  • 2015 Individual Men – 68,886th in the United States
  • 2016 Individual Mne – 92,200th in the United States

Ian McAlister wasn’t making progress as a solo act. So, he joined the team divisions. There he found national and global success.

Ian McAlister’s team CrossFit Games rankings were:

  • 2017 Men – 49,062nd Worldwide and 27,902nd in the United States
  • 2018 Men – 54,305th World and 28,683rd in the United States

Some of Ian McAlister’s CrossFit Games stats include:

  • Back Squat – 385 lb
  • Snatch – 195 lb
  • Deadlift – 395 lb

In 2019, Ian McAlister stepped away from CrossFit. He started focusing on his coaching business. 

According to Ian,

“Ian McAlister specializes in life-changing transformations, helping you gain muscle, lose body fat, and become stronger and more toned with your Personalized Online Training program.”

The online training program changes monthly to keep up with your lifestyle. 

Ian McAlister creates planned based on your:

  • Daily Activity Levels
  • Food Preferences
  • Personal Goals

With these considered, Ian will give you diet and nutrition tips and personalized workouts. He will livestream with you to help you get on track. 

As that gained momentum, Ian McAlister used social media to gain more clients. In turn, he gained more followers…and more opportunities to make that dollar!

Ian McAlister’s Relationships

While Ian McAlister likes to keep his private life to himself, we do know that he is in a long-term relationship, possibly engaged. His girlfriend is blonde and likes to travel with him. The two celebrated the end of 2020 together at the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, North Carolina. 

She also appears in content like hand-holding at the beach and quarantining in Charleston, South Carolina. So, Ian McAlister and this mystery blonde are in it for the long haul. When we find her name out, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Ian McAlister’s Rumors & Controversies 

Ian McAlister is known to be a nice guy. He loves his family and keeping things private. His goal is to encourage people to meet their wellness goals. 

Ian moderates The Positive Perspective Facebook Group

Their mission is,

“Welcome to The Positive Perspective, a small but powerful Facebook group that shares happiness & positivity. Everybody is welcome to join and share something inspiring or motivational; whether it’s an act of kindness or one of your favorite motivational quotes.”

It’ll be hard to find controversies about Ian_McAlister. However, he is still new to the Famousss. So, we’ll keep you posted about any upcoming Ian McAlister rumors. 

Other Notable Facts About Ian McAlister

Ian is an avid golf player. It’s his favorite thing to do in his spare time. eHe also enjoys yoga and spending time with his dogs. 

Ian McAlister has an Amazon Wish List in case people want to donate to him. His cart is always changing. However, it usually contains golf balls and socks. However, he’s known to throw some smart TVs and outdoor furniture into his cart, too.

Ian claims to be mistaken as Robery Downey, Jr. often. 

Ian McAlister can do a black flip. He even did a couple of back flips while he was visiting Switzerland

St. Patrick’s Day is one of Ian McAlister’s favorite holidays. Must be the fact that Ian_McAlister is Irish!

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