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Jimmy Moreno (Born: January 7, 1985 [Age: 33]) is best known as Team SoloMid star, Highdistortion. At just 12 years old, Jimmy started his gaming career by being a competitive Halo player. However, he quickly moved onto Gears of War. This is where Moreno really hit his stride.

During his Gears of War days, Highdistortion played for the group, Murder by Numbers. Competitive circles within Gears of War considered Highdistortion as one of the “four elders of the game.” The Four Elders of Gears of War are:

  • Highdistortion
  • Franchise
  • Prison

Once Fortnite started gaining traction, Highdistortion started to change his focus. As he switched gears to Fortnite full-time, Moreno stopped playing Gears of War. In fact, he didn’t touch the game for four years. When the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition came out, Highdistortion was pulled back into his first love. The star teamed back up with his Murder by Numbers brethren.

Admittedly, Moreno felt they had a lot of cobwebs to shake off. This led to many members of the original team jumping ship. Ultimately, the original Murder by Numbers didn’t live up to their original potential. However, they did qualify for the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition tournament. Eventually, the team settled for sixth place.

A little stung, Highdistortion went back to Fortnite full-time. In January 2018, he was picked up to be a member of Team SoloMid alongside Dakotaz and is flourishing more than ever.

Besides being a streamer, Higherdistortion is also a bodybuilder. Other than that, he seems to really respect his privacy. Higherdistortion does not have an official Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit page.

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