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This Australian reality star’s brown hair and blue eyes have captivated millions, including Olivia Ponton and Francesca Webb. With his Tap In podcast blowing his @harryjowsey Instagram blowing the 6’5″ star’s followers up to 3.8 million, it’s no surprise that Harry Jowsey has entered the world of the Famousss. This 24-year-old Gemini calls himself Heartbreak Harry, and he can make it crumble time and again. 

Harry Jowsey’s Net Worth

Harry Jowsey has a net worth of $1,000,000. He is a reality star that is starting to make his way in the world of podcasting, much like other Famousss stars Logan Paul, Faye Hadley, and Julianne Vaccaro. This opportunity opened the door for the star to generate ad revenues.

Harry Jowsey started uploading this content onto his slowly growing YouTube channel. While the page has been up since April 24, 2011, the bulk of his views started in 2021. His average views are around 500,000. However, his newest content is already reaching 850,000 each. So, his average video views will increase, which will also cause an uptick in YouTube revenue.

Like popular Famousss stars Fivel StewartEmily Feld, and JustMe.Rod, Harry Jowsey has been cast on Netflix. He was on the series Too Hot To Handle, which really impacted Harry Jowsey’s love life, which we’ll get to in a bit!

Harry also invested in a sunglasses company called Kensngtn. The site explains,

“This is more than just looking great. Our purpose is to give the gift of confidence and encourage every human to stand out from the crowd. We are about creating change and radiating positive vibes. Thanks for joining me on this journey and helping to create change for our oceans.”

Harry Jowsey’s Early Life & Family

Harrison Jowsey was born March 24, 1997, in the small town of Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia. Not much is known about Harry Jowsey’s life before becoming Famousss.

While we don’t know Harry Jowsey’s parents’ names, we know that he loves his mom. His long-term goal is to deposit $1,000,000 in her bank account. Seeing as Harry Jowsey’s net worth is $1,000,000, we believe he will make that dream come true one day! We’ll keep you updated on any news that pops up about his history. 

Harry Jowsey’s Rise to Fame

Harry Jowsey started off as a scenester in Australia. He would date around and go dancing at the clubs. Eventually, he would gain some following on his @harryjowsey Instagram account. 

The star broke out on the hit Australian reality show Heartbreak Island in 2018. He won the $100,000 grand prize with his then-girlfriend, Georgia Brye.

Eventually, Harry caught the eye of influencer agencies. He started earning campaigns with top social media brands. This translated into more follows, even landing him a Calvin Klein campaign. 

The star would then get cast on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle in 2020. In May 2021, Harry Jowsey was cast in Match Me If You Can on MTV, which features stars from their franchise The Challenge. 

Harry Jowsey’s Relationships

Harry Jowsey is a hottie. We were sweating when he was talking about his sex life when he got interviewed by Julia Rose. Jowsey claims to be a hopeless romantic who loves cuddling and wants to find the right girl to settle down. 

Yet, he goes by the nickname “Heartbreak Harry.” Sure, we’ll say it’s because he was on Heartbreak Island. However, his track record begs to differ a bit. 

The day of the Heartbreak Island finale, Heartbreak Harry Jowsey and Georgia Brye announced their split.

Harry Jowsey has been linked to Julia Rose. They had a short-lived romance. He has implied that Julia Rose cheated on Harry Jowsey with Jake Paul. 

She recalled her time with Harry not-so-favorably, saying,

“He was very wanting love…and I felt like you know those people that if they’re looking for a relationship through anything it was like they’ll take any kind of relationship that they can get. It was super super fast and a lot of different red flags came up.

“He would always bring up ‘my ex when we first started dating made me block you like I wasn’t allowed to follow you’ and it was almost a flex type thing of almost like he was flexing a new Rolex…I kind of said I felt he was dating me for the wrong reasons.”

In 2021, Harry Jowsey cozied up with his co-star in Too Hot To Handle, Francesca Webb. Francesca Webb and Harry Jowsey became engaged after Too Hot To Handle aired. However, Harry Jowsey and Francesca Webb called their engagement off just a couple of months later. 

In the past, Harry Jowsey has been linked to Olivia Ponton. However, Olivia Marie says that she and Harry Jowsey are only friends. 

Harry Jowsey’s Rumors and Controversies

Any rumors and controversies surrounding Harry Jowsey involve his love life. The star gets himself into pickles with exes over cheating rumors. 

Other Notable Facts About Harry Jowsey

Harry Jowsey is in the process of launching Naughty Possums. Naughty Possums is an apparel company. They will feature outlandish and, at times, not-safe-for-work (NSFW) clothing. The online shop still says coming soon, as of August 2021. We will keep you posted about the launch of Naughty Possums by Harry Jowsey whenever we get more details. 

Harry Jowsey loves to travel. His favorite places are:

  • United States
  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Spain

In Europe, he faced some trouble. 

Harry recalled to TVovermind,

“All I remember is waking up in a bush with a ripped shirt, empty wallet, phone stolen, no belt, shoes missing and a bloody face. The journey home wasn’t easy, I was so out of it I couldn’t navigate my way home and ended up further away than where I needed to be and in deeper water. In saying this, it could have been a lot worse, I am thankful I’m still here to tell the tale and I’m glad it was me and not someone else. I definitely learnt so much from that!”

In 2019, Harry Jowsey moved to Los Angeles to be with other Famousss stars, like Tayler Holder, Jake Paul, and Bryce Hall. He was very excited to visit Nashville, Tennessee for the first time in August 2021. 

Harry has the name “Todd” tattooed on the inside of his lip. It’s an homage to his best friend. 

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