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Hannah Palmer

Hannah Palmer

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Prescott, Arizona

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This supermodel is incredibly sexy and has the brains to back it up. Her gorgeous hazel eyes and blonde hair landed the social media superstar gigs with Maxim, and she became a spokesmodel for Fashion Nova, Bang Energy Drinks, and other popular brands. At just 22 years old, she has 1.6 million followers on her @hannah_cpalmer account and commands $1,000 per Instagram post. 

Hannah Palmer’s Net Worth

Hannah Palmer is an entrepreneur, model, and social media ambassador. Her business ventures have earned Hannah Palmer a net worth of $400,000. This number is expected to rise as her popularity continues to grow. 

She earns most of her money from sponsorships. Hannah Palmer has partnered with some highly influential brands. 

This hottie is a spokesmodel for:

  • Bang Energy
  • Fashion Nova
  • KnockOut (KO) Watches
  • Manscaped

She does create content on Instagram and TikTok. However, she doesn’t usually partake in the dancing and singing that fellow Famousss stars like CJ Perry and Baby Ariel do. 

Instead, she sticks to showing off her personality, like when she plays dead. She also makes videos endorsing products, like Casetify.

Most of her Instagram posts show off her banging assets. After all, her pic is probably why you clicked here in the first place. Check out that bikini shot!  

Additionally, Hannah Palmer has a Patreon page. This community is for 18+ followers. Her subscriptions range from $5 to $12 per month. Followers of Hannah Palmer will also get exclusive access to her private Snapchat account. 

Hannah’s social media accounts have quite the following. Her @Hannah_Cpalmer Twitter account has 113 K followers. Hannah’s TikTok is her fastest-growing account. @Hannah_Cpalmer on TikTok has 306.4k followers. 

Meanwhile, her Instagram account @Hannah_Cpalmer is the most followed. She once had over 2 million accounts. After an Instagram bot purge, many influencers saw a huge drop. Hannah kept her numbers at a highly respectable 1.6 million followers. 

Hannah Palmer’s Early Life and Family 

Hannah Cozette Palmer was born May 18, 1998, in Prescott, Arizona. She makes The Copper State proud. As a child, she attended Prescott High School. 

Palmer was a pretty good student. She got along with a lot of people. It was easy for her to fit in because she had an outgoing personality. 

One of her passions at an early age was fashion. She would look at magazines and be in awe of the models. Very early, she knew that this was the career for her. 

She studied different designers on her own and would experiment with her own style. All of this hard work and exploration would culminate when Hannah attended college. 

Hannah Palmer went to the University of Arizona. After earning prerequisite credits, she transferred to Penrose Academy. Penrose Academy is a beauty school. She honed a lot of skills there, including fashion, makeup, and business. 

Hannah Palmer’s Rise to Fame 

While she’s hot as hell, Hannah Palmer reminds grounded. That’s because she had a humble upbringing. Her rise to fame was also pretty slow. 

Hannah Palmer was under consideration for Maxim’s Cover Girl Contest in 2018. The star had a groundswell of support from her home community and the internet. However, the star only placed 34th. 

That didn’t deter Hannah. She took the small following she had and started making Maxim quality content. People became hooked. Her engagement grew on all social media platforms. In turn, her posts started trending upward in their algorithms. 

These numbers drew the interest of top influential brands. The rest was history. Hannah Palmer has been on a steady climb in the world of the Famousss since. 

Hannah Palmer Relationships 

Hannah Palmer dated Dan Bilzerian for a short time in 2018. They took a few pictures on vacation together over the year. However, they were done by 2019. 

There are videos where she hangs out with guys. However, they seem to be in groups of others. Plus, the content seems pretty platonic. For instance, there were rumors of her dating Jake Paul after an Instagram post he made during Coachella. 

Palmer does like to keep her private life private. So, if she’s dating someone, she’s hiding it pretty well. However, she’s busy building her brand. Hannah is probably too busy for a relationship. 

Plus, part of her brand is about being sexy. People fantasize about being with her. If she were to flaunt her relationship, that allure might die down. Then, her $400,000 net worth might take a hit!

Hannah Palmer Rumors and Controversy

For the most part, Hannah Palmer keeps it squeaky. However, there was one instance where she damn near broke the internet. 

On March 17, 2020, Hannah Palmer made an Instagram post where she was wearing a form-fitting brown dress on a balcony. She looked stunning. 

However, she simultaneously offended and turned on millions at the same time. The nipples of her 32D breasts clearly showed through the sexy dress. 

The post did not offend Instagram’s Terms of Service because it’s still alive. While many people supported the pic, some thought it was distasteful. 

Hannah has been accused of plastic surgery. So, she took to Twitter with a plastic surgeon to confirm that she has no plastic.

Other Notable Facts About Hannah Palmer

Hannah Palmer is very serious about making it in the fashion industry. She has collaborated with some great photographers to make cutting-edge content, including Larisa Elaine and Milian Eyes. 

These pros inspired Hannah to get more involved in the behind-the-scenes aspects of fashion. Their encouragements caused Hannah Palmer to discuss collaborations with VSCO

VSCO is a creative channel for content creators. It’s a mobile photography app where users take pics directly in the app. From there, they use unique filters and motion devices in VSCO’s unique editing tools. 

Before COVID-19, Hannah was an avid traveler. She was a regular at Coachella almost every year. In between these festivals, she was known for visiting Disneyland often. 

Most of Hannah’s birthdays have become destination places. She loves immersing herself in new cultures and trying new experiences. Of course, her followers love when she documents these occasions!

Through her travels, it’s caused Hannah Palmer to become more appreciative of others. Now, she dedicates a lot of her spare time giving back to the community. 

While she donates money, she’s looking into donating her time, as well. She wants to work with the homeless, particularly women. She’s going to work on getting women off the streets and away from human trafficking. 

When Hannah isn’t working, which is never because she’s always making content, she’s working out. It’s her passion. Yet, she films it. So, really, working is her hobby. No worries. We’ll keep watching!

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