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Maximilian Knabe (born: January 8, 1992 [Age: 27] is a German gamer and vlogger who has a highly popular YouTube and Twitch channel. While he enjoyed providing social commentaries to his legions of followers, Maximillian’s desires eventually changed. He now works on creating highly-collaborative and creative content. In between, he kills time streaming League of Legends gameplay.

HandlofBlood Music Background 

Maximillian was born and raised in Germany. His mother’s name is Christine. She makes a lot of cameo appearances in Maxmillian’s videos. He also has a grandmother by the name of Erica and two siblings, a brother and a sister.

Early on, the budding star was influenced by the arts. As he progressed through childhood, music became a huge creative outlet for Maximillian.

The future talent worked diligently at perfecting his craft on the piano. He enrolled in Wardolf School for classical piano training. By the time he graduated, Maximillian had earned baccalaureate and masters in eurythmy. Later on in his life, Maximillian would be these musical skills to good use. In fact, the star is known to pick up his clarinet and play each year for the Braunschweig Christmas Market. This endeavor helps raise awareness about charity in his hometown.

HandlofBlood Goes to College

After high school, Maximillian had some life-changing decisions to make. Like most teenagers, the future HandlofBlood enrolled himself in college once his high school education came to an end. Maximillian went to TU Braunschweig. During his time there, he was enrolled in the business informatics program.

While he was satisfactory at school, Maximillian’s heart just wasn’t in it. School was interfering with two things he enjoyed more–video games and a budding YouTube career. Therefore, Maximillian faced a crossroads. After much thought, Maximillian chose to withdraw from TU Braunschweig. Taking a gamble on himself, HandlofBlood was born.

HandlofBlood YouTube Name Creation

Maximillian began his YouTube channel back in 2010. At the time, he provided commentaries of Harry Potter. Eventually, he would start to create content surrounding League of Legends. However, he got serious about his channel four years later. He came up with the name HandIOfIBlood. The name is a derivative of “Hand of Blood.” That is the name of a song by Welsh heavy metal band, Bullet for My Valentine. The song was featured on the 2012 game, Need for Speed: Most Wanted. 

Inspired by the song, he tried to pick the name “Hand of Blood” as his YouTube handle. Unfortunately for the future star, it was already taken by another account. After “Hand-of-Blood” was also accounted for, he decided to swap out the hyphens with I’s. Since then, the name has evolved to HandlofBlood like a handle of vodka.

HandlofBlood Early Videos

As Maximillian became more comfortable with the platform, he started to create a series of content. His first big success would be the Jungle Guides to League of Legends. While he boasts big numbers now, at the time, he hit 30,000. That was a monumental success for the upstart.

With 2011 rolling on, he started to focus on horror games. Maximillian noted that he was a sucker for these type of RPG games because he felt they were more fun.

Picking up momentum, HandlofBlood saw an opportunity to invest in his career. He made his first purchase that would improve his video quality. Maximillian purchased a large-diaphragm microphone for clearer quality. For the most part, the videos from this era and on are readily available. That is unless the videos no longer reflect Maximillian’s current point of view.

HandlofBlood and Freaks 4U Gaming

With school in the rearview, Maximillian dove into his YouTube career head-first. Knowing he needed some way to get “in,” Maximillian put his college education to good use. He applied as a marketing communications merchant for Freaks 4U Gaming.

His partnership with Freaks 4U Gaming was a brilliant move for the star. He learned a ton about marketing, video recording, and editing. All of this knowledge was necessary tools as the HandlofBlood brand continued to grow.

Eventually, Maxillian’s popularity blew up. He was forced to step down from Freaks 4U Gaming to concentrate on his own career. However, bridges weren’t burnt between the two entities. In fact, Freaks 4U Gaming would eventually work out a partnership with HandlofBlood that saw Maximillian produce videos for them and himself using the company’s resources. It has become a mutually beneficial relationship.

HandlofBlood and Kutcher 

Maximillian’s rise to stardom coincided with the League of Legends boom. He first captured the awe of audiences when he released the OP Guide on Yasuo. People appreciated Maximillian’s humorous look at this notorious character. His quick wit endeared the masses. Now, he’s been dubbed the “Troll King” of League of Legends Germany.

During this time, HandlofBlood began hooking up with another budding German YouTube sensation, Kutcher. Kutcher’s also known as Trauby2. He got the new name because of his uncanny resemblance to Ashton Kutcher.

Like the Freaks 4U Gaming situation, the Kutcher and HandlofBlood partnership became a mutually beneficial relationship as well. Kutcher and Handlofblood came up with ways to transform Maximillian’s content. He also played a role in facilitating the negotiations between Freaks 4U Gaming and HandlofBlood during the second go-around between Maximillian and the gaming company.

When the Kutcher and HandlofBlood collabs hit its peak, they released many popular uploads including Let’s Play Need for Speed: Most Wanted. While Let’s Play models helped HandlofBlood find his stride, he doesn’t feel they live up to the high-quality standards that he wants to preserve around his legacy. Therefore, he has removed a lot of early Kutcher collaborations from his catalog.

In addition, he has taken down content that doesn’t age well. For instance, he no longer has the popular video Drunken LoL with Splatterman live. Maximillian feels these videos don’t portray him as the role model he longs to be.

HandlofBlood YouTube Format

As 2013 drew to a close, Maximillian felt his YouTube page needed an overhaul. He decided to refocus his channel on strictly League of Legends content. HandlofBlood dropped two Let’s Play videos per week. This steady stream of content paid off after the Yuso video. After the drop of that 30,000-view video, Maximillian started pulling in 150 to 200 new subscribers every single day. His numbers tripled three weeks after changing his format.

HandlofBlood Twitch

Right before the Twitch boom, HandlofBlood jumped onboard. In early 2014, he launched his Twitch account. At the time, he aired supplemental content to his YouTube channel.

The first HandlofBlood Twitch videos featured collaborations with other well-known YouTube talents that play League of Legends. However, he started livestreaming Doom.

His love for Doom saw him play the first three in the franchise. However, he was forced to stop playing by the end of February 2014. He felt Doom 3 had too harsh of a gross-out factor for his subscriber base.

HandlofBlood Summoner’s Inn

During the 2015 League of Legends World Finals, the Summoner’s Inn were supposed to secure a location in the stadium. However, Freaks 4U Gaming dropped the ball, implementing HandlofBlood in a bit of heat.

However, the show must go on. So,  HandlofBlood and company relocated their event across the stress from the Spree. They set up shop in an old warehouse. This guerilla-style event was dubbed #themain. It’s setting was an old warehouse and was a quick sell-out.

VIP tickets to this event went immediately. Regular tickets became hard and were jacked up by scalpers. This new way of presenting gaming caught the eye of many YouTubers. Even Lefloid and CommanderKrieger showed up.

The event was an unprecedented success. Thanks to HandlofBlood, Germany was officially on the map for eSports. From there, he launched his series dedicated to League of Legends trolling. This format would be his most popular and a staple on his YouTube channel for years to come.

HandlofBlood Success and Future

Riding high, Handlofblood won the Web Video Award for Gaming in early 2016. While everything was firing on all cylinders for Maximillian, he saw a plateau coming. Once again, Maximillian felt he needed a reboot. He released a video on his platforms.

This video was a collaboration with David “BeHaind” Hain. In the video, Maximillian questioned his future. He announced he was going to stop all previous formats. Instead, he was going to make more exciting content.

His partnership with BeHaind paid off royally. They were nominated for the 2017 Web Video Awards. However, they came up short. With that being said, the endeavor proved successful. He continues the same format and has a flourishing partnership with Freaks 4U Gaming. Therefore, he can make videos for himself while working for someone else. All while making YouTube and Twitch ad revenue.

In addition, HandlofBlood has an ambassador role for SteelSeries. SteelSeries is a Dutch manufacturing company. Therefore, they sponsor many of the gadgets you see HandlofBlood using in his videos. So, between Freaks 4U Gaming, allowing him the hours to work on his video and SteelSeries covering his equipment, Maximillian seems pretty set.

All we know is Maximillian always keeps us on our toes. Just when you think he’s settled into his success, he blows up the formula. This Twitch star has sincere artistic integrity and a vision. He stands by it and is determined to see it through to completion.

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