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Anyone can get millions of likes following a dance craze; only icons like the Glitch Queen can start viral trends. Vanessa Clark is a 17-year-old TikTok star known to her 1.6 million followers as @glitchgirlmaster. This brown-haired, brown-eyed star rose to fame on June 19, 2021, and is already captivating the world with her philanthropy and hysterical dance moves. Welcome to the world of the Famousss, Glitch Queen Vanessa Clark.

Glitch Queen’s Net Worth

Glitch Queen is a new viral star who is on the rise. We don’t currently know Glitch Queen’s net worth. However, she is going to be making some serious money by the end of 2021. We will be sure to keep you updated. 

With 31.6 million likes total as of July 2021, the @glitchgirlmaster TikTok account has already become a regular on the FYP feed. As a result, Vanessa Clark is already earning sponsorship opportunities. 

Currently, Glitch Queen partners with The Smart Wallet. She is running a campaign with them to get her followers to enter for a chance to win a $750 SHEIN Gift Card. 

Glitch Queen’s Early Life & Family 

Vanessa Clark was born in 2004 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Not much is known about Vanessa Clark’s family and upbringing yet.

Glitch Queen did reveal that her aunt is Danielle Brooks. She played the lead character of Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson on Orange Is the New Black. Maybe Brooks can introduce Glitch Queen to other Famousss Netflix stars, like Collen BallingerSissy Sheridan, and Justme.Rod

She always had a large personality, even if she was shy. Vanessa was always making her inner circle laugh and felt that social media was a great way to continue entertaining her close ones. 

Never thinking about a career in the limelight, Vanessa graduated high school and enrolled in college. She is currently a student at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science. Many of her TikToks feature Glitch Queen in her scrubs and trademark big frame glasses. 

Glitch Queen’s Rise to Fame

Like other Famousss TikTok stars Doggface and Jules Trass, Vanessa Clark is an overnight sensation. With no formal dance training, she never expected to become a dancing phenomenon. 

She was just having fun when posted on June 19, 2021. Ironically enough, she was, for some reason, banned from posting on TikTok with her other account that night. Serendipitously, she created a trend on her newer account, which is now known as @glitchgirlmaster.

Here, she danced to Kurxxed Emeraldz – Luci4. The speed was fast, so she tried to keep up. However, the world thought that either the wi-fi was buffering or homegirl was glitching. The rest was history. 

As Vanessa Clark explained to The Insider

“The first video I did wasn’t really a glitch — it was a shoulder dance.”

That’s right. She didn’t do anything fancy. Nor, did she use TikTok’s speed filters. Vanessa Clark just moved her body to the beat. As of today, the Kurxxed Emeraldz glitch has over 1.1 million likes and 12.3k comments. 

She would continue doing this to other hit songs, including:

  • Dishwashers slander song – Joe nutts
  • AHH by DellaXOZ – DellaXOZ (she/her) 💕
  • SLAYYY – 😟

Since her initial viral video, Vanessa has embraced the speed filter. She now causes glitches at three times the speed while capturing in real-time. As a result, these movements are actually more raw than other glitch content. She believes it gives her videos a bit of authenticity than other content creators who use transitions to smooth out their glitches.

The pharmacy student reasoned,

“When a lot of people glitch, they do transitions, but I don’t. I just sit down on my kitchen counter, and it looks cool, and I think people really like that.”

Glitch Queen is starting to collaborate with other vial stars, including:

She has really taken a knack to Get Ur Freak On’ By Missy Elliott. Vanessa has created a lot of content involving glitches with a water bottle and with a pen to this song. The water bottle glitch video has almost 28.1 million views as of July 2021. 

Glitch Queen’s Relationships

Glitch Queen Vanessa Clark is currently single. She’s busy putting herself through school and making fire content. However, we don’t blame it if someone wants to sample her juice. 

Just be careful when you shoot your shot. She will share your comment and raise an eyebrow. Just ask the guy who commented on her glitchy hands, 

“Imagine this girl’s hand game, man.”

That received a massive “WHATTTTTT.” She tagged the user, @llamahub2, who has since turned his account private. 

Glitch Queen’s Rumors & Controversies

Unbeknownst to us, Glitch Queen’s private account was banned from posting the day she went viral. We’ll keep you updated as to why Glitch Queen had a TikTok ban. 

Vanessa Clark has been accused of ripping off a tired past #glitchcore trend. This popular @iguana_alana trend involved editing videos into looking like they’re experiencing software glitches. 

Glitch Queen isn’t worried about past trends. She knows that she brought something authentic to the table and won’t let haters drag her down. 

Other Notable Facts About Glitch Queen 

Glitch Queen is a plus-sized dancer. She embraces her body. However, some people feel the need to shame her. 

Glitch Queen loves seeing other people try to match her glitch.

As she explained,

“Everyone’s having fun with the challenge. … I see people not just from America, but internationally. It makes me happy that people all over the world are doing it.”

The song “Kurxxed Emeraldz” has blown up since Vanessa used it. It has over 1.5 million spins on Spotify. The song has been used in over 100,000 videos on TikTok, including people trying out the glitch for themselves. 

Vanessa is an advocate for finding missing people. She has shared three TikTok videos to highlight missing person’s cases within the week she blew up. It’s important to this pharmacy student to shine a light on those who are in need. 

She also shares educational content about homeless people. Vanessa shared a video by @Crystal_Harris7 that discusses how to help low-income families, especially during a pandemic.

Want to see more of what Vanessa has to offer? Don’t expect her to be in a dress. She doesn’t think they are comfortable to wear

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