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George Henry Davidson (Born: November 1, 1996) is an English YouTube star known as GeorgeNotFound. GeorgeNotFound became Famousss for being a competitive Minecraft player. He also used to play under the pseudonym GeorgeeeHDPlays.

GeorgeNotFound Early Beginnings 

George Henry Davidson grew up in London, England. He always had a love for computers and video games. These passions drove him to excel in school. 

Upon graduation, George attended a university. During these formative years, he earned a degree in Computer Science. 

All of this would education would prepare George for a career in front of the computer. However, he had one huge obstacle to tackle along the way. GeorgeNotFound is colorblind. 

GeorgeNotFound Colorblindness 

GeorgeNotFound has a severe case of protanopia. This eye condition doesn’t allow a person to distinguish between red and green. 

These colors are the backbone of pixels used to create many graphics used in video games. Protanopia was an obstacle that George Davidson would battle his whole life. However, it didn’t deter him from achieving success by not only earning a computer science degree but starting a career in streaming. 

Determined to not let his colorblindness get the best of him, he pushed through and was able to become one of the top streamers for Minecraft. 

While GeorgeNotFound is on the fast track in the world of Minecraft, you won’t see him speeding down the highway anytime soon. Due to his battle with protanopia, GeorgeNotFound is not authorized to sit for a licensing exam. His eyesight is an increased risk of an accident for his inability to differentiate between red and green. 

With a little more money in his pocket, GeorgeNotFound has since bought corrective glasses. He is able to distinguish between red and green on screens. He released a video called Minecraft, But I’m Not Colorblind AnymoreThis reaction video saw him play Minecraft for the first time after taking a colorblind test with his real eyes and then putting on corrective glasses. 

George Davidson Becomes GeorgeeeHDPlays

When GeorgeNotFound graduated college, he was already falling in love with Minecraft. However, his studies got in the way of playing. He pushed through to earn his degree so he could have a fallback plan. 

With that said, GeorgeNotFound was determined to become a Minecraft star. He already had a YouTube account since 2013. So, he decided in 2019 to change his name to GeorgeeeHDPlays and create Minecraft content.

The talented computer whiz’s first upload was called Minecraft Endermen Destruction (Timelapse). This slowed down video footage of endermen going insane on a Minecraft world is accompanied by relaxing music. It was oddly beautiful and captured the imaginations of many. This video has almost three million views and helped his page sore to 4.5 million subscribers.

GeorgeNotFound impressed many people in the gaming industry with his personality and game play. He was even able to nail Notch, the creator of Minecraft, to provide commentary for the video Minecraft Assassin Vs Speed Runner (ft. Notch). Notch had to beat Minecraft with George having his back. 

His rise to fame is extremely impressive, considering he only started uploading content on October 25, 2019. This overnight appeal caught the eye of DreamWasTaken. The two began a partnership.

GeorgeNotFound and DreamWasTaken Start Dream Team 

DreamWasTaken reached out to GeorgeNotFound for coding help. However, George took too long. Never to be deterred, Dream learned to code himself. 

However, he didn’t hold it against George when he reached about creating content together. They immediately hit it off. 

The twosome met on MunchyMC. MunchyMC is the Minecraft server of BadBoyHalo. They also met up with Sapnap on the platform. 

As the YouTube community has seen success with Bryce Hall and the Sway House and Twitch have seen with TSM and the likes of ChicaLive and crew, content creators thrive when they work together. So, GeorgeNotFound and DreamWasTaken brainstormed and created the collab known as Dream Team. 

George Davidson Becomes GeorgeNotFound

While we know him as GeorgeNotFound, he was still GeorgeeeHDPlays when he met Dream. Dream convinced him to change his name to something more catchy. 

George wanted to keep the George name. He thought about his background in coding and the common 404 error. That means the website is not found. GeorgeNotFound was born! 

GeorgeNotFound Personal Life

Many people started questioning if GeorgeNotFound and DreamWasTaken are in a relationship. They’ve had emotional moments together, including the eye color correction reveal. 

Some people even feel GeorgeNotFound was gay in “video evidence” documented as GeorgeNotFound is gay *confirmed*.

The twosome appear to flirt in chats. They even shared a message that Dream sent to George’s mom that said, “Hi, this is your son’s boyfriend.” 

Another game saw Dream give George flowers. He would follow him around on the stream, trying to get George to say he loves him. Dream keeps his face a secret and hides it in public. So, he might want to keep this relationship under wraps, too. 

GeorgeNotFound confirms he is heterosexual. He insists they’re just friends and goofing around. All of this was confirmed on Love or Host. He was paired up with JustAMinx. The two actually went on a Minecraft date!

With that said, his consistent Twitter exchanges with James Charles makes people curious, too. 

GeorgeNotFound Pets

George is an avid animal lover. Unfortunately, he suffered a recent heartbreak. Back in October 2019, George got a new cat. He named her Luca. 

Luca quickly became popular amongst GeorgeNotFound fans. They nicknamed her Cat, Robert, and Baby. 

Sadly, Luca developed an untreatable heart disease. His newfound love was put to sleep in July 2020. 

In August 2020, George got a new dog. Then, Dream posted a picture of George’s new kitten on October 17, 2020. No one knows the names of these animals yet, but we’ll keep you posted! 

GeorgeNotFound Fans

GeorgeNotFound is very close to his fans. They love to laugh along with his interactions with Dream. Like Dream, they like to pick on him for his love of Harry Potter. 

GeorgeNotFound fans also make fun of his name. They lovingly ask him during livestreams, “Will George be found?” 

Fans also feel close enough to call him “Gogy.” That’s the nickname his friend Sapnap gave him. 

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