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Jennifer Flagg

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Jen has been extremely successful in the YouTube world, racking up 4.8 million subscribers and counting since she began in 2010. Jen loves to play Minecraft, although you will not find many of these videos on her main page, rather on her Husband and fellow YouTuber’s page, “PopularMMO.” This is a channel they both share so if you are a Minecraft fan, click here.

On her main channel, you will find mostly Roblox videos which have been the big reason for her fame. For those of you who don’t know, Roblox is an “Imagination Platform” that allows its users to develop and play millions of 3D online games. She has quite the imagination herself so be sure to check out the link in this profile.

GamingWithJen Pictures 

This gorgeous American beauty seems to love the outdoors, as shown in a good chunk of her Instagram pictures. She has a cat named Cloud (who even has her own YouTube channel!) that she loves to show off to her audience. Just by looking at a few photos, you could probably guess what her favorite color is too.

GamingWithJen Videos

Jen and her husband share an equal love for Minecraft, which is the majority of content on their shared channel called “PopularMMO,” as mentioned above. On her main channel, she posts mostly Roblox videos but she is also known for posting the occasional vlog spanning from reaction videos to challenges in daily life. Oh, and you’ll know it’s Jen when you hear her famous quote over and over: “OMG! I totally Dave Copperfielded that like a boss!”

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