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This TikTok star is a bit more of a wholesome addition to the world of the Famousss, even if this teacher causes parents to have nasty thoughts. Gabriel Dannenbring, better known to his 1.1 million TikTok followers as @g_unit24, is a teacher from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This 23-year old star with blonde hair has piercing blue eyes that everyone loves. They forget this Aquarius is making us laugh and teaching all at once!

Gabe Dannenbring’s Net Worth

Gabriel Dannenbring isn’t one of the richest Famousss stars, like Jake PaulDrDisrespect, or Woah Vicky. The man known to the world as g_unit24 makes most of his income as a science teacher at Patrick Henry Middle School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The net worth of Gabe Dannenbring is $100,000.

This star is about to make much more money. He is blowing up all over social media, namely on TikTok. The @g_unti24 TikTok page has 1.1 million followers and 33.5 million collective likes as of August 2021. 

Popular social media star who is best recognized for his g_unit24 TikTok account where he posts comedy videos about being a teacher. His videos have earned him over 1.1 million followers on the platform. 

Most of his videos are relatable content about how his students bag on him for being out of touch, even though this star is just 23-years-old…and piping hot. 

Since his content has gained so many followers, brands are looking for this hot teacher to be their official ambassador.

You can see Mr. Dannenbring bringing the smoke in content with:

G_unit24’s net worth is about to go through the roof with some of the big-ticket brands begging for his endorsement. However, he’s not milking his fans for fame yet. 

Mr. Dannenbring has an offical Cameo. He only charges $12 per Cameo. 

His profile reads,

“I’m a TikTok Teacher. Feel free to message me for any tips or if you want a S/O for anyone! I’m open to everything!”

You say everything, Gabe?

Additionally, Gabe is starting to grow his Instagram account. The @gabedannenbring Instagram has 34k followers. He mostly puts pictures from vacation or shares his TikToks. 

Gabe Dannenbring’s Early Life & Family

Gabriel Dannenbring was born on January 23, 1998, in Yankton, South Dakota. He came from a hardworking family in a small town. They are all very close-knit, have good morals, and believe in religion. 

Gabriel has five siblings. He has a sister, Lili Anne, who he has featured in some of his content. He has a little brother, Brady Dannenbring. Brady is the Quarterback for the Roosevelt Riders in Sioux Falls. There are three other brothers, with at least one confirmed as being older. His name is John Dannenbring.  

Gabriel Dannenbring’s parents are Dorota and David Dannenbring. David is a teacher and a coach at Yankton High Schoo,l where Gabriel went growing up. 

The older Mr. Dannenbring had a great impression on his son. As he says as his own personal mission statement,

“To help young boys and girls become men and women of empathy and integrity who lead, are responsible, and change the world for good.”

He’s certainly done that with his son. Gabriel is a humble heartthrob who is a first-year teacher. He’s crushing it in the classroom and on the internet. 

Gabe Dannenbring’s Rise to Fame

After graduating from Yankton High School, Gabe went to the University of Minnesota Moorhead. He earned his Bachelor of Science in General Health and Wellness. Then, the future TikTok star enrolled to earn his Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration. 

Upon graduation, Gabe earned a job at Patrick Henry Middle School. Just as the school year was halfway through, the global pandemic hit. Gabriel Dannenbring did what many people did at the start of the pandemic. He started making content. He posted his inaugural TikTok in May 2020. 

Almost overnight, Mr. Dannenbring was on the FYP feed. People were loving his witty content about being a teacher during a pandemic. Plus, he’s freaking dreamy!

Most of his TikTok videos get around 500,000 views, with dozens going into the millions. His most popular video has over 7 million views. It’s to BeeGees “More Than A Woman.” 

The star reads other teachers who complain about having to grade too much homework at home. He simply states not to give so much homework and boogies back away from the camera. 

Gabe Dannenbring’s Relationships

Sorry ladies and gents. Gabriel Dannenbring is not single. He dates a brunette named Annie. Her birthday is on the Fourth of July. Annie and Gabe Dannenbring have been dating since 2020.

The two are in love, and sometimes he features her in his content. However, she doesn’t seem to put out enough, as evidenced in a TikTok where she is lying in bed, looking at her phone. The song is “Mood (feat. iann dior) – 24KGoldn.” The lyrics are, “Why you always in the mood?”

The caption reads,

“When the woman is cranky but you need attention too.”

He happily hops on the bed before pelting her with a pillow.

Prior, Gabe dated a blonde girl. They seemed to have fizzled out by the end of 2016. 

Rumors & Controversies About Gabe Dannenbring

Gabe exhutes positivity. So, it’s hard to find any g_unti24 rumors or controversies. 

Some people do criticize him for being a teacher on TikTok. They believe that he should get fired for posting content after hours while dancing on a desk or sharing vacation pics with his girlfriend. 

However, Gabe finds this as a way to break the ice with his students and create better relationships with them. 

Other Notable Facts About Gabe Dannenbring

Gabe was a track star growing up. He also likes to play golf to unwind.

He once was a Tutor for the Churches United for the Homeless. 

Gabe spent almost two years on the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. 

After graduation from college, Gabe lived in Fargo, North Dakota, for a while. He was a Substitute Teacher and a Coach. However, he moved back to South Dakota when a job opened up that was closer to home. 

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