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Fran goes by many names from FRANPlaysHalo to Fran Ow. However, you can also call her one of the sexiest gamers. This streamer burst onto the scene playing Overwatch League of Legends on Twitch. One of her videos, Fran Chillin’ on a Bed, has earned the star some of her top views.

With her growing success on Twitch, Fran became a competitive gamer. She was signed on by the Atlanta Reign. Atlanta Reign is owned by COX Enterprises. Get your head out of the gutter. They are one of the leading mass communication brands and have a huge investment in the eSports world.

While an Active Streamer, Fran is not currently listed on Altanta Reign’s Active Player list. Essentially, they are using her platform to help showcase the rest of their team. However, this isn’t hurting the ego of the star one bit. She’s still earning a pretty penny from this contract. Due to this partnership, Fran is now sponsored by iPower. That means she has beauty, skill, and money. Not a bad trifecta to have.

On top of these accolades, Fran is educated. She graduated from Ohio State with a degree in pharmaceutical sciences. Yup. Brains, too.

Don’t get too excited now. Reports are that FRANPlaysHalo is attached to Froggen. The twosome like to flirt openly, making us either jealous or disgusted. You be the judge:

To which, Froggen had to remind the world that he is indeed hitting that…

Okay, okay. We get it, Henrik. With that being said, Fran still serves us with pretty of eye candy and ride-and-chick vibes in her videos.

FRANPlaysHalo Pictures

Seeing as she’s a kept woman, Fran isn’t known to post too many risque pics. However, she does like to tease a bit, while showing off her personality. While she is smoking hot in the looks department, seeing her be cool makes the star even sexier.

It’s easy to get swept away by Fran’s sultry eyes. The way she whisks her mascara around her eye gives a smoky and sensuous vibe. You find yourself captivated by her Ariana Grande beauty. She’s the type of chick you can dress up nice and take out dancing or lay around and play games with on the reg. Here are some of our favorite pics of the Overwatch queen.

FRANPlaysHalo Videos

FRAN is one of the few gaming stars that didn’t cut their teeth on YouTube. Instead, she organically grew her Twitch following to over 20,000 followers. Now, she has signed on with an official league. Therefore, the videos shared are not directly from FRAN’s account, but rather from accounts she is associated with.

One video that has made Fran a ton of followers is when she discovered what RedTube was. After talking with her teammate on Atlanta Reign, Jeff “emongg” Anderson, Fran decided to look up what the site was. To her dismay she realized it was a porn site. Everyone got a laugh as Fran screeched. She called Jeff a pervert and wondered aloud how he knew what such a site was. Too bad, many probably scour the exact site looking for Fran.

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