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Sebastian Hans Eli Fors (born: 16 December 1990 [Age: 29]) is a Twitch streamer from Sweden. You might know him better as Forsen. He rose to fame playing Starcraft II. At his peak, he gained his most enormous following by streaming himself playing HearthstoneHowever, he infamously “fell out of love” with the game, having an in-depth interview with PC Gamer about the end of the gaming love affair.

Forsen and Starcraft II

Long before Forsen could foresee himself making millions of dollars on a platform like Twitch, Sebastian Hans Eli Fors tried his hand at playing Starcraft II. Rather quickly, the budding star was hooked. He spent hours toiling away at the game, honing his craft. With an abundance of confidence in his abilities, the future star signed up for DreamHack Stockholm 2012.

Achieving much success quickly, Forsen hit a wall during the tournament. He entered the hardest bracket of the tournament and ended up in finals against two of the top Korean video gamers in the country. His other major competition was Twitch sensation, SaSe.

In the end,  Forsen ended up in a three-way tiebreaker series. While he left it all on the gaming field, Forsen ended up on the short end of the stick. However, he was able to leave with his head held high. Proud of his accomplishments, Forsen looked forward at other opportunities in the world of gaming.

Forsen and Hearthstone Beginnings

While Starcraft II introduced Sebastian Hans Eli Fors to the gaming world, Hearthstone introduced the gaming world to Forsen. Around 2013, Forsen started playing Hearthstone. Even quicker than Starcraft II, Forsen was hooked. Immediately, he rose up the ranks as one of the top Hearthstone players. This meteoric rise inevitably caught the eye of sponsors.

Forsen became the face of ManaGrind. This team formed in January 2014 with Forsen as the backbone of the group. While they had high hopes and hit prosperity early on, the team quickly fizzled out. They disbanded by the end of the summer, calling it quits in August 2014.

While Forsen’s team was no more, he came out looking like a bigger star than ever. In fact, he has yet to join a team since the day ManaGrind disbanded.

Forsen and Hearthstone Miracle Rogue 

With his stock at its highest value to date, Forsen was dubbed by the internet and chat forums as one of the premier “Miracle Rogue” gamers to play Hearthstone. During this time, he earned a massive following. One of the first catchphrases to catch fire for Forsen was, “ONE DAMAGE OFF LETHAL.” That opened the door for marketing opportunities and other ways of revenue that would eventually allow Sebastian Hans Eli Fors the comfortable life he lives to this very day.

In the Miracle Rogue expansion pack, he achieved the top ranking in two continents. Forsen ranked number one in both Europe and North America. Before the American servers went down in 2014, he was sitting in the second position.

Forsen Hearthstone Tournament

Sure, Forsen ended up okay. However, the loss in the Starcraft II tournament left a bad taste in the star’s mouth. He felt the need to redeem himself. After the unparalleled success he saw during the Miracle Rouge expansion pack fan explosion, Forsen felt confident he could dominate a Hearthstone tournament.

In May 2015, Sebastian Hans Eli Fors entered the HTC Invitational. Validated, the star won his first official tournament during that competition. On a roll, he continued to enter tournaments. Forsen found even more success in October of that year when he won the Play It Cool Streaming Marathon.

Forsen Falls Out of Love with Hearthstone

Much like most people will also see Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, sometimes you can’t shake the song that brought you to the dance. That was the case for Forsen. He was built by Hearthstone. Like any tortured artist, his muse and passion created a tornado that vowed to take him down from the inside out.

In Forsen’s interview with PC Gamer, he noted that he stopped looking at the game as a passion and more like a job. As he said,

“I haven’t been happy playing Hearthstone in a long time.”

Shocking to hear that someone detested something that not only brought them joy but riches as well. So, the interviewer pressed forward, and Forsen let his frustrations out toward fellow gamers for ruining the fun.

He stated in the shocking expose:

“Because the game doesn’t really amuse me anymore at all. It’s too much RNG. I come from StarCraft II where it’s all about skill, and I play Hearthstone and get rekt by some guy who’s getting lucky you know? 10 levels beneath me in skill.”

This mindset isn’t exactly surprising. One of the things he always says about himself is that he is never lucky. So, the fact that he takes the gaming aspect seriously shows how disinterested he is in playing with people lucking out. It takes the challenge and competitiveness out of the game. Therefore, it eventually killed off the love the star once felt for the juggernaut.

While Forsen has soured a bit on the RNG aspect of the game, he doesn’t think that it should hurt the game’s success. If anything, it should make it better. That’s because more people have a chance. While frustrating for a skilled person such as himself, easier gameplay makes for a better experience for the masses.

As Sebastian told the gaming magazine,

“The more RNG there is, the more casual the game is—and the more casual the game is, the more viewers it has. So it’s a good thing for the community. I don’t personally enjoy it, but I enjoy having a big community around Hearthstone, because that’s the main game I stream.”

This further proves that Forsen is able to see the big picture. While he has fallen out of love with the game, he knows it will be the biggest money maker for him. So, he still embraces the community to ensure they will be around for the future.

After the Miracle Rogue days, Forsen had more viewers than ever. That’s when he decided to make the switch over to Twitch. Forsen hasn’t looked back since.

Forsen on Twitch 

Don’t get Forsen wrong, Sebastian Hans Eli Fors isn’t stupid. He knows his bread is buttered with Hearthstone. Therefore, his Twitch channel was launched on the backbone of that game. His primary stream will be Hearthstone related. Forsen kicked off his channel with Hearthstone content that would draw in numbers 2,000 to 30,000 viewers during a single livestream.

This mass of followers has become loyal, devout, and protective of their star. They are very rowdy, trolling other players and nay-sayers that are in chats. These self-professed Forsen fans are known as Forsenboys. They make a lot of controversial internet memes that light up the Reddit boards.

People have become sour on the Forsenboys. They find them a bit too abrasive. However, Forsen doesn’t agree. He wouldn’t classify them like an army (much like Beyonce’s Beyhive). Rather, he feels they’re just passionate and are speaking their mind. It’s the internet, so everyone has a right to express their opinion. It just so happens that Foresenboys’ opinions are that Forsen is the greatest Hearthstone player of all time.

Forsen’s popularity translated into the mainstream in early 2019. His loyal Forsenboys created a warped image of Fors’ face. This graphic was known as forsenE. forsenE became the most-used emote on the Twitch platform throughout the entire world. With his face blowing up across the service, it launched the viral star into 17th place for Twitch subscriber count.

Forsen Money

Forsen knows how to rack in the dough. He took part in a Twitch Rivals livestream. The Hearthstone pro recruited three people to join his team for the event. As the Captain, he led them to a victory in playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This Invitational Tournament saw the four players win $100,00. Forsen raked in $13,600 for that particular appearance.

Hot off the PUBG Invitational Tournament, Forsen jumped into the Darwin Project Invitational Tournament. Once again, the star came in first place. This time, Sebastian Hans Eli Fors’ pot was a whopping $20,000. With all of these successes raining it, Forsen hit an all-time high on  Twitch. His page hit a viewer count of 80,860!

One of the biggest streams of revenue for Forsen is through viewer donations. At one time, he successfully solicited $20,000 from a donor.

Forsen Future

Forsen is happy with the way his career is going. He doesn’t seek tournaments. If he gets invited, he’ll enter…and most likely win. So, Forsen is pretty much always guaranteed a payday.

Otherwise, he continues to stream on his Twitch page and gets donations and ad revenue. This routine is working for him, and he plans to continue to ride that wave until it goes out.

Forsen also has a girlfriend. She lives in Germany. This long-distance relationship has been going on a while, so maybe they’ll tie the knot on Twitch one day. That’ll be a great way to get some serious donations! Imagine the bachelor party that the Forsenboys would throw!

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