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This 24-year-old actress is best known as Izzie on Atypical. However, we’re about to get this Famousss star even better. Trent Heaven Stewart is a brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty known to the world as Fivel Stewart. This stunning beauty has over 592,000 followers on her @fivel_stew Instagram account. Born in Beverly Hills, California, this LA native’s @fivelstewaet TikTok page has 106,400 followers. We know we’re definitely watching!

Fivel Stewart’s Net Worth

Fivel Stewart is dedicated to being taken seriously as an actress. Her largest role to date is being cast as Izzie on seasons two and three of the Netflix original, Atypical. 

Her role continues to grow with each season. Currently, she rakes in around $15,000 per episode. However, with award show buzz, Stewart can easily bring up her commanding price. 

Izzie is the best friend of Casey Gardner, the sister of the protagonist of the show, the autistic teenager, Sam. Casey falls in love with a dope of a boy. She ends up turning to Izzie for more sophisticated conversations. Eventually, the two fall in love. 

However, Izzie is in the closet. She gets weird and starts to distance herself from Casey. All the while, Izzie still remains in love with Beth on the low.

The two are a popular TV pair. They even put themselves off for consideration from the Academy.

In an IG post featuring Bridgette Lundy-Pain, the actress who plays Casey, stated,

“for your consideration.”

People support this duo. Their fans call themselves the Cazzie Nation. 

All of this support has helped Fivel Stewart make bank. She is a certified mililioniare, as Fivel Stewart’s net worth is $1,000,000. 

Fivel Stewart’s Family and Early Life

Fivel Stewart was born into this world as Trent Heaven Stewart. Her birthday is on November 4, 1996. That makes Fivel Stewart a Scorpio!

Her parents are Renee Stewart and Nils Allen Stewart. This twosome was already involved in show business, especially on the business side. Nils was a stunt double and coordinator. Her mom did some acting and modeling but never got into this biz like the rest of the Stewart clan. However, the Stewarts had connections and were able to get their children auditions. 

Renne and Nils Allen Stewart always had a great relationship, setting an example of how a healthy couple should behave. Fivel Stewart’s parens left a huge impression on her, and she hopes to find that same kind of true love one day for herself. 

They have a very free spirit family. You can probably tell by the fact that her name involves “Trent,” “Heaven,” and “Fivel.” Her brother also has a unique name. 

He is the guitarist Booboo Stewart. He also plays Seth Clearwater in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Booboo would reprise those roles in sequels, too. 

There is another Stewart sister. Her name is Meagan. While Meagan has the most normal name, she did throw that “A” in the middle. Like her dad, Meagan is a world-renowned stuntperson. 

Lastly, there is Sage Stewart. She is the youngest sister in the crew. It appears Sage Stewart is also interested in acting. So, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out!

Trent Heaven Stewart has a very diverse background that would make 23andMe proud. 

Her dad’s ethnicities include:

  • Scottish
  • Russian
  • Blackfoot Native American

Fivel Stewart’s mom identifies as:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean

These backgrounds mix together to make an exotic beauty that captivates the screen every time she is on it. No wonder why she keeps getting regular work! 

Fivel Stewart’s Rise to Fame 

Trent Heaven Stewart may have been born in Beverly Hills, California. That doesn’t mean she had an easy pass into the industry. She has been making waves in entertainment ever since Fivel Stewart was 7-years-old. 

At first, Stewart would do local stage productions. She took acting classes and linked up with a talent agency. Eventually, she landed herself a gig with the band My Allowance. 

As My Allowance, she embarked on some stage tours. My Allowance opened up for some powerhouses in music.

Fivel Stewart shared the stage with the likes of:

  • Demi Lovato
  • Menudo
  • Mitchel Musso

When My Allowance disbanded, Stewart entered a new band, called 5L. They used to travel around with her brother, Booboo Stewart. 

While Stewart loved music, it wasn’t her passion. She really got into acting and wanted to give it a genuine shot. 

Fivel would audition for many roles. Her first big break came between 2004 and 2006. She played the recurring role of Betty on Dante’s Cove. 

This popular LGBTQ show was a hit on the Logo Network, and would serve as inspiration for Fivel all of these years later when she would settle into the role of Izzie on Atypical. 

She also starred in a 2018 webseries called [email protected] Her character’s name was Jai.

Fivel Stewart’s Relationships

We would all give everything we had to land someone as smoking hot as Fivel Stewart. Sadly, she is in a long-term relationship. 

Fivel Stewart and Andrew Kai began dating in late 2018. They met on the set of Atypical at the end of the summer. Kai had a bit role in one episode. However, he would play a recurring role in the rest of Fivel’s life. 

Fivel Stewart’s Rumors and Controversies 

So far, so good with Fivel Stewart. You want to read about bad girls? Check out the likes of Whoa Vicky, Tessa Brooks, and Kiki Passo. These are the bad girls of Famousss.

Fivel is good people with good intentions. You won’t see anything bad about her…yet!

Other Notable Facts About Fivel Stewart

Fivel Stewart isn’t just a good actress and a pretty face. She can straight up kick your ass. Trent Heaven Stewart started training in karate at just 5-years-old. 

By 6, she started entering regional competitions. In both 2002 and 2003, she became a World Champion in Martial Arts. In 2003, Fivel Stewart was inducted into the Black Belt Junior Hall of Fame.

This star has a large floral tattoo design on her arm. It’s beautiful, just like her. 

Atypical has been picked up for a fourth and final season. So, we should see more Cazzie soon!

In her largest role to date, Fivel Stewart was cast in the supernatural horror film Umma. This movie will also feature renowned actress Sandra Oh. 

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