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This goth-looking beauty is a pin-up girl who comes to life with her black hair, brown eyes, and tattoos. Faye Hadley is a Famousss auto mechanic who rose to fame as a member of All Girls Garage. This 34-year-old social media sensation also teaches fellow women how to fix up cars. 

Faye Hadley’s Net Worth 

Faye Hadley made a lot of sacrifices to live a modest life. She rose to fame in 2012 from All Girls Garage. After toying with the idea of becoming a mega superstar, she decided to try a quieter path. 

After she met her husband, Faye Haley moved to San Antonio, Texas. The two opened up an auto repair shop called Pistons and Pixie Dust. It is located in Lake Canyon, Texas. 

This ASE-certified shop employs Toyota specialists. They also work on RV repairs. Unfortunately, they are temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as of January 2021.

Faye Hadley also teaches YouTube tutorials geared towards women who want to learn about auto mechanics. Her page has over 72,000 subscribers. Therefore, she also earns ad revenue kickbacks from YouTube. 

She also hosts a podcast/livestream with her fellow mechanic at Pistons & Pixie Dust, Danny Soliz. 

They have two nights of content:

  • Wednesday Night Automotive Book Club at 5:30 pm Central Time
  • Automotive Happy Hour and Chit Chat on Every Friday at 3:30 pm Central Time

All of this hard work has not paid off too much. Faye Hadley’s net worth is estimated to be $65,000. Luckily, she is doing what she loves. So, she gets a sense of fulfillment every day. 

Faye Hadley’s official Instagram account is the same for her shop. You can find her at @pistonsandpixiedust. She has almost 74,000 followers as of January 2021. 

Her account is super interactive. She hots Fan Fridays. On Fan Fridays, Faye spotlights women taking pictures of themselves working on cars. 

Additionally, Faye has a merchandise shop. You can buy pins, bumper stickers, postcards, and other unique gifts. 

Faye Hadley’s Early Life and Family

Faye Hadley was born on September 25, 1986. She was born to very smart parents. The pressure to succeed was on Faye at a very young age. 

In middle school, Faye fell in love with the auto shop class. She had a feeling she wanted to be a mechanic. However, her parents quickly turned down that notion. 

Her father earned a Ph.D. from MIT. So, he was very hard on her academic studies. That helped Faye thrive, graduating at the top of her class. 

Faye Hadley was accepted to Harvard University. The plan was to graduate with a degree in psychology. Her tenure didn’t last long. 

As Faye explained to San Antonio Magazine,

“After my first term at Harvard, I had an early life crisis. I was walking to my apartment after exams and saw this Volkswagen GTI with a license plate from Alaska. The owner told me he was on a trip around the U.S., and I knew I wanted to do that too.”

She enrolled in online courses to fulfill 12 credits for a semester. Faye embarked to Alaska but stopped in Portland, Oregon. Here, her engine blew up. 

Faye couldn’t afford to continue on while doing her studies. She decided to stay in Portland, work on her engine herself, and finish her courses. She ended up staying in Portland for ten years. 

On top of juggling everything, she took up an unpaid internship at a Volkswagen garage to learn how to fix her car. During that time, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. 

Faye Hadley’s Rise to Fame

Faye Hadley’s big break came in 2012 when she was cast on All Girls Garage. This show takes place in Phoenix, Arizona, and airs on the Discovery Channel.

While Faye had a strong following, she was considered the “third wheel” on the show. She was added to the shop during a casting call, replacing Rachel De Barros.

Now, she is still an active member of the cast. She fits in a lot better with Cristy Lee and Sarah Bogi Lateiner. They also earn syndication rights as All Girls Garage airs reruns on Motor Trend. 

Faye Hadley’s Relationship 

Faye Hadley is married to Brandon Hadley. Hadley is a wood artist. They got married on September 25, 2016. By 2018, they moved to San Antonio, Texas. 

It appears they still live there because of their shop in Canyon Lake. However, its temporarily closed due to the pandemic. Plus, production for All Girls Garage seems to be a-go. So, it seems they might be currently staying in Phoenix, Arizona, to quarantine. 

Faye Hadley Rumors and Controversies 

Faye Hadley is a positive member of the internet community. She empowers women to break the norm and find their true potential. It’s really hard to find any dirt about Faye Hadley rumors online. 

In fact, Faye Hadley is one of the co-founders of #WomanAndMachine. She offers classes and workshops for women in San Antonio. Meanwhile, Faye has an affiliate who also teaches women empowerment courses in the mechanics field in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Other Notable Facts About Faye Hadley

Faye really loves cars. The hottie was obsessed with owning a 1989 Toyota Supra. So, she bought one for cheap and started restoring it. 

In 2015, she completed the restore. She was excited to take it for a spin. However, the 7M-GTE stock engine wouldn’t run correctly. Faye tore the car apart to find out what was wrong. She wouldn’t stop until she finally got it running. 

She told Super Street Online,

“I’m crazy; I spent three hours hand-sanding the fuel rail trying to get it just right. But why rush the process? Why not take the time to enjoy it?”

You can actually purchase a limited autographed picture of her chilling in front of the Toyota Supra at the Pistons and Pixie Dust Merchandise Store

Faye Hadley is also known for her iconic makeup. Ever since she was a young teenager, she started giving her eyeliner a winged tip. This trend has stuck with her well into her adult years.

Her followers even try to mimic some of her fashion preferences. The video MAKEUP WITH FAYE!!! My Everyday Hair & Makeup Routine. has over 150,000 views and counting!

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