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Ray William Johnson Fat Damon

Ray William Johnson

Also known as

Fat Damon



Birth Place

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Ray William Johnson (Born: August 14, 1981 [age 37]) is the YouTube star known as Fat Damon. He also goes by Ray. Whatever you decide, he rose to fame through the YouTube show Equals Three. In these videos, he provides commentary to viral videos.  At times, some might find his humor a bit too on the dark side, fans of all ages enjoy his work. His cynical take and quick wit ends up charming the world over.

This long-running show started all the way back in 2009. The popularity of Equals Three propelled the series to become the most subscribed to show on YouTube from June 25, 2011 all the way to January 12, 2013. Eventually, the show was surpassed in the rankings by the smash hit, Smosh.

Equals Three featured a lot of well-known stars.

A who’s who list of celebrities on Equals Three includes:

  • Snoop Dogg
  • Gabriel Iglesias
  • Robbie Williams

All of this rubbing elbows with celebs paid off as Fat Damon became the first YouTube millionaire in 2012. After this height of its success, Equals Three‘s major contributor, Maker Studios pulled funding. They wanted a majority stake in the show and the star wasn’t having it. As a result, the quality of the show diminished. While still popular by most page’s standards, the views were down to between 1 and 2 million.

Finally, Fat Damon jumped off the Titanic and left Equals Three in March 2014. He cited the show was leaving him a creative void. He didn’t want to get depressed working on something he once loved while not loving it anymore. People petitioned for him to stay. As a comprise, he held a private audition to find the newest host of Equals Three. The audience that is left has happily accepted Robby Motz as Ray’s replacement. Johnson finally left Equals Three for good in July 2015. His own page and the Equals Three with Motz has seen gradual decline in subscribers since

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