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Known as one of the top female FIFA YouTubers and Twitch live streamers, Fangs’ fame began in 2012 and since has accumulated 1.4m subscribers on YouTube and over 360k fans on Twitch. She is referred to as the “Queen of FIFA,” as her impeccable gameplay is out of this world.

It doesn’t just stop at FIFA, as Fangs also posts a ton of vlogs and challenge videos as well. The best though, is when she throws a particular twist into her videos: one second she is showing FUT draft, and the next she is submersed in a bath full of ice. You don’t have to be a FIFA fan to enjoy her content, that’s for sure!

Fangs even offers a 5% discount code for FIFAcoins for her fellow FIFA fanatics. Click this link here and type “Fangs” to get the discount.

Merch is also available through this website.

Fangs Pictures

Fangs is also a tough girl, shown by the several pics and videos of her in the boxing ring. I sure wouldn’t want to mess with her on the virtual pitch, or the ring! She loves to show off her FUT packs to her fans, especially when they are worthy of showing off. Speaking of showing off, she also does so with her adorable baby boy, Rook.

Fangs Videos

All Fangs’ YouTube videos revolve mostly around FIFA, even when she’s bathing in a bathtub of Mountain Dew (no joke, it’s one of her videos). She seems to post a lot of these types of videos, calling them “challenges.” Don’t worry though as there are tons of other videos to browse through on her channel that (surprisingly) do not involve FIFA.

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