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This 17-year-old Instagram star is making huge waves in the world of the Famousss. Ethan Fairr’s @ethanfairr Instagram account has over 378,000 followers. The curly-blonde-haired and brown-eyed model captivates his audiences with music and broody candids. This Los Angeles, California native’s alter ego is Trixie Fairr. Trixie is on full display on his @ethanfairrr TikTok account, where he has 1,600,000 followers. Ethan Fairr is a bad boy in the making, and we’re here for it. 

Ethan Fairr’s Net Worth

Ethan Fairr has been in the game for a couple of years strong. However, the budding 17-year-old model still has a long way to go. He’s coming close to reaching his first $1,000,000. As of April 2021, Ethan Fairr’s net worth is $700,000.

Ethan Fairr makes his money like many other notable Famousss stars, Emily RinaudoCelina Smith, and Kamilla Kowal. He’s an Instagram model trying to break it big on TikTok.

The main source of Ethan Fairr’s $700,000 net worth is his social media endorsements. His primary clothing collaborator is Depressed Rich Kids. Their @us.drk Instagram account has over 18,000 followers. 

Aptly so, Depressed Rich Kids’ motto is:

“Some sad rich sh*t”

They launched their first campaign with Ethan as their star. He repped their stacked fitted jeans. The star hid his face with a Yankees fitted. Yet, his trademark blonde locks were going in every direction. It was all very Ethan Fairr!

Additionally, Ethan is an affiliate for Bang Energy Drinks, as seen in the video THE TRUTH.

Ethan Fairr’s Family & Early Life

Ethan Fairr was always destined to be a star. He was born where the magic happens. Ethan Fairr was born in Los Angeles, California.  

This Cali boy’s birthday is December 22, 2003. The Capricorn model still lives in LA. So, his birthplace was extremely convenient. His parents were able to get him involved in the entertainment industry straight out the gate. 

Not much is known about Ethan Fairr’s parents. They were homeschooling the star themselves. However, he can afford a teacher now. We do know that they are very supportive of Ethan’s career and have little input on his content. 

Ethan’s brother is Aiden Chris Fairr. At 14-years-old, Aiden Fairr’s IG has over 16,500 followers. His page was recently purged and just has three posts. Aiden also had a TikTok account called @aidenfairrr. 

That account had almost 50,000 followers but is no longer active. Not sure what’s going on with Aiden, but it looks like he’s a bad boy in the making like his big brother, Ethan. 

Ethan Fairr’s Rise to Fame

Ethan has been working hard at becoming Famousss his whole life. The young star signed with Zuri Models as a preteen. 

Like many young models, he had social media accounts that caught advertiser’s eyes.Once he started gaining popularity in late 2019, Ethan cleared his page out. His first IG post now shows him with a bunch of other social media celebs. They’re all passing around a blunt. 

The caption read,

“young millionaires club”

He created the official Ethan Fairr YouTube page on January 11, 2015. However, he didn’t start posting until a couple of years later. Ethan waited until his IG started to grow. 

On August 20, 2017, he uploaded the video OPENING YOUR DMS!!! He sat around with his boy answering DMs, talking about which emojis they’ll use and discussing the number of followers each had. 

He didn’t create much content until the boom of 2019. Then, he translated it over to his @ethanfairrr TikTok account, where he has over 1,600,000 followers. 

The star also makes music. His video “Slo Ride” has over 390,000 views.

Ethan Fairr’s Relationships

Ethan Fairr is currently single. However, he makes it clear that he gets a lot of action. His TikTok played 100 P’s – Tone Tone. The lyrics talk about hitting it from behind. His caption was, “When she don’t ask fho the towel after.” At that point, he mouthed with the lyrics, “Oh baby, you nasty, ain’t ya?”

Ethan Fairr dated Devenity Perkins in 2017. Their relationship was over in a blink. However, they still collaborate on Perkins Sisters content. 

Ethan Fair infamousssly had a long-term relationship with Danielle Cohn. Danielle Cohn is an influencer who rose to fame around 2016. She was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Muser in 2016. Cohn narrowly lost out to Baby Ariel

When Cohn’s star was on the fall by 2018, she started sliding into Ethan Fairr’s DMs. Eventually, the two started dating in 2019. By 2020, they broke up. It was pretty nasty. No wonder Ethan is still doing him in 2021.

An audio recording was leaked in January 2020, where Danielle Cohn’s mother, Jennifer Archambault, yelled at Danielle.

Danielle’s mom stated stated, 

“I allowed you to have an abortion … I allowed so much that I shouldn’t have allowed, and it’s allowed you to be the person you’ve become.”

This recording was brought a media firestorm that started Ethan Fairr’s first-ever controversy. 

Ethan Fairr’s Rumors and Controversies 

Ethan has a bad boy persona. However, he’s managed to stay out of trouble so far. 

His biggest scandal to date was putting his ex, Danielle Cohn, on blast. Cohn claims to be 16-years-old, which is backed up by Cohn’s mother, Jennifer Archambault. 

Ethan debunked this on a now-vanished Instagram story in response to Danielles’ video: The Truth About My Abortion. He stated that Danielle was 14-years-old. Also, Ethan claimed that Danielle had an abortion at 13. 

Fairr also accused Danielle’s mom of controlling Cohn’s social media accounts. He says that Jennifer tries to control the narrative. Ethan ended his IG story saying he couldn’t speak more on the situation due to an “active CPS(child protective services) case.” 

Jennifer Archambault took to social media to say,

“All this stuff should not be on social media this is a private matter. You can bring me in all you want about me, but you are just mad cause Dani would not do a video saying you were not the father.” 

Archambault said that Ethan was never there for Danielle. She claimed Ethan didn’t want his parents to know. So, he denied any hand in Danielle’s pregnancy. Cohn’s mother ended with, “There are live CPS cases, and this stuff is making it worse for my daughter and family.”

Other Notable Facts About Ethan Fairrr

Ethan Fairr’s favorite actors are Tom Holland and Zendaya. As you can see from his IG photos, Ethan loves to travel. Greece is on his bucket list.

Ethan has a sweet whip. His BMW has an IG page called @328trix.

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