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Ethan Dolan is the identical twin brother of YouTube star Grayson Dolan. Together, they are collective force known as the Dolan Twins who have been taking the internet by storm since 2013.

The duo rose to fame after their sister, Cameron, told Grayson about the once-hot, six-second video app, Vine. Grayson downloaded the app and gained 3.5 million subscribers. With this newfound success, Grayson swept his brother, Ethan, up for the ride and the two created a wildly successful YouTube channel.

With 6.5 million subscribers, the Dolan Twins nabbed a 2016 Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Male and Choice YouTuber. With this success, the twosome blew up on the cable TV platform. They earned a role as correspondents and co-hosts for the MTV Hail Mary known as the TRL reboot.

Following all their success, the Dolans decided to take a bit of a break from the spotlight. The duo released the video, Bye For Now. In the video, the popular twins questioned where they were heading next. They said they both needed time to figure themselves out creatively. Their sabbatical was short-lived as they were back less than a month later. The return video was aptly titled WE’RE BACK!

Currently, Ethan Dolan is rumored to be dating fellow internet sensation Emma Chamberlain. While they’re both in the group Sister Squad together, neither have commented on a potential romance.

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