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Enid Raven – Famousss.com Enid Raven – Famousss.com

Enid Raven Cosplay


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Enid Raven Cosplay



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Rome, Italy

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“Sometimes life is too monotonous not to dare.”

Enid Raven has been making the internet fantasize about gaming characters coming to life since 2012. The Italian born cosplayer loves to play videos games such as World of Warcraft. Obviously, the gaming franchise inspired her name. However, she also is captivated by all forms of art. 

This Rome-bred starlet also credits manga and anime has heavy huge influences on her. Following her artistic vision, she started mimicking some of her favorite video game stars. Her talent and hot body brought the likes. Eventually, Enid was able to make a career out of her capturing her beauty and art.

If you love her work, you can also have her make some for you. This talented artist specializes in creating stylized wigs, accessories, and even armor for Ren Fairs.

Now, Enid has a line of services that includes buying portraits or joining her club to get personalized pictures. Based on some of her IG posts, these bad boys are probably smokin’!

Enid is signed up through Ko-fi. When you buy her a coffee, you become eligible for certain perks and rewards. Currently she is just at 19% of her 2019 goal. That means she’s willing to work extra hard to put in the work. Just what does that mean? Well, check out some of the rewards Enid_Raven is offering through her Ko-fi account:

These hot rewards include:

  • 1 ko-fi > simple fansign
  • 2 ko-fi > one fansign with cosplay
  • 3 ko-fi > choose between: special thanks video , or standard print by me
  • 4 ko-fi > permanent access to my private account with unpublished and special photos (instagram.com/enid_raven_private)
  • 5 ko-fi > Fanservice, private pic
Yeah, you notice the 5 ko-fi? It gets even more exciting! When you go to Enid’s private IG page she has a clear advisory written across the top — LEWD PHOTOS. She even shared these in her story highlights with plenty of body parts scribbled out. Yeah, our imaginations have left the station. How about yours?

Enrid Raven Pictures

Enid Raven’s IG feed is at 11.8K followers and growing. She first garnered a big following for her elaborate designs and uncanny ability to pull off ladies of gamers’ dreams such as Janna from League of Legends. 

There is more to Enid than sex appeal. She’s actually pretty. Her personality shines through in her pictures and she comes across as a chick you can kick it with. Using this to her advantage, Enid is trying to crossover to modeling.

You might notice that she has been rocking more than just cosplay as of late (and as little as a swimsuit–thank you Lord). Enid’s job is selling her body and she sure knows how to do it!

Enrid Raven Videos

Enid doesn’t have an extensive video catalog. While she does have a YouTube page, it only has one upload. It’s a compilation of 26 seconds of Edin showing off her Star Guardian Soraka cosplay. While short, it’s still hot AF.

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