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Emiru – Famousss.com Emiru – Famousss.com

Emiru Emily Schunk

Emily Schunk

Also known as

Emiru, Emi



Birth Place

Wichita, Kansas

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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Known online as Emiru, feel free to call her Emily, Emi or whatever else you want as she really doesn’t care but for consistency reasons we will stick to Emi. Emi has an interesting mix of ethnicities, being half Chinese and half German. She is a League of Legends partner and needless to say she is pretty damn good at it. She occasionally plays duo with friends and other streamers for fun but plays solo 99% of ranked games.

Emi keeps busy, maintaining her YouTube channel of 119k with highlights, makeup tutorials and vlogs. Not only that but she streams on Twitch part-time as she is currently in school as a computer science student and because of this, changes her stream schedule often so be sure to check her Twitter often for updates.

Be sure to check out Emi’s merch here.

Emiru Pictures

Emi loves her makeup as most of her Insta posts have her displaying some pretty unique looks. That is not the only thing that stands out, as Emi enjoys cosplay and can be found constantly rocking different outfits for her fans. Cat ears never looked so good on a girl.

Emiru Videos

Emi posts a good mix of videos for her fans, including cosplay, makeup tutorials and of course stream highlights. She likes to include her boyfriend Dyrus, a fellow successful YouTube star, in a bunch of her videos as well.

Popular Videos