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This brown-haired, blue-eyed beauty can captivate anyone with just one look. Emily Rinaudo is a 25-year-old model whose @emjayrinaudo_ Instagram account has 145,000 followers and growing. The 5’8″ tall starlet made it big as a lingerie model, showing off her long, smooth legs to the masses. She commands top dollar for advertising posts, which has helped this girl from Chesapeake, Virginia, upgrade to the life of the Famousss.

Emily Rinaudo’s Net Worth 

Emily Rinaudo quietly became a very wealthy person. Her rise was very slow, earning money through small modeling gigs here and there. Eventually, the world caught onto this beauty. 

Once Emily’s IG page hit over 100,00, endorsements started popping in left and right. She started partnering with Kelvin Viral & Promo Page on Instagram. 

Through their representation, Emily began to earn regular modeling work, including:

These ads are her primary way to make a living. However, she also has an OnlyFans page. Her subscriptions are $25 per month. The star also has discounts on people who prepay for their subscriptions in bundles.

You can also interact with her through Fansly. This platform allows you to take your interactions off of OnlyFans and interact in real-time. 

She promotes most of her X-rated content through her Twitter @emjayrinaudo_. As of April 2021, she has 961,000 Twitter followers. 

Emily Rinaudo’s Family and Early Life

Emily Rinaudo was born in Chesapeake, Virginia, on January 22, 1996. This Aquarius was always the center of attention growing up. 

We don’t know the name of Emily Rinaudo’s mother. Sources say her dad’s name is Micheal Rinaudo. However, we can confirm that her older brother is a famous Twitch streamer, Mizkif. 

Emily knows Mizkif by his real name, Matthew Rinaudo. While they were close in age, they used to get into tiffs when they were young. 

Mizkif has been very open with his struggles with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Due to his ADHD, Mizkif used to have extreme attention-seeking behavior. 

While she loved her older brother, his outbursts would cause her to get angry. Now, they get along, even though they have two distinctly different life paths and career trajectories. They even have videos together

Emily was a natural beauty out the gate. So, she never had trouble making friends or being in a relationship. 

However, Emily was always a little bit of a free spirit. She let her freak flag fly and didn’t care what others thought. This attitude still rings true with her today. We love her for it. It’s that carefree attitude that lets us see bikini shots like this

Emily Rinaudo’s Rise to Fame

Emily Rinaudo started her Instagram account in 2017. She gained quite a following before deciding to purge her page. When she came back, the model made a statement. 

Her first new post was on My 20, 2018. Emily Rinaudo was in British Columbia, overlooking a stunning waterfront, while wearing a very small bikini bottom. Based on how she is standing, she appears to be topless. However, the shot was tasteful and far away. This photo set the tone for what we could come to expect from Emily Rinaudo. 

Prior to the pandemic, Emily Rinaudo would travel to destinations, taking sultry pictures on the beach. You could find her in Bali, New Zealand, and Barcelona, to name a few. 

This content was catching fire. She eventually found herself as a finalist in Maxim’s Finest. She was representing the southern hemisphere of the globe but fell a little short. However, this exposure was what the star needed to push her to the top.

By 2019, she had over 200,000 followers. Her rise to fame caught the eyes of Kelvin Viral & Promo Page. When the pandemic hit, Kelvin Viral & Promo Page had her. They really started pushing editorial Instagram posts. Now, Emily Rinaudo has more modeling work than ever. 

Emily Rinaudo’s Relationships 

Emily Rinaudo is a certified hottie. Anyone would be lucky enough to call her their boo. Look at the way she handles that whipped cream straight from the can!

Right now, Emily Rinaudo is single. In the past, Emily Rinaudo dated Connor Keating. Connor Keating is a BMX racer, wrestling and rugby coach at Norwich University, and a content creator. 

Emily Rinaudo’s Rumors and Controversies 

Emily Rinaudo likes to push the envelope, and we want to see how low she will go! There have been numerous times that her Instagram account has been disabled due to violating their community policy. You can get the picture just by this tiny areola slip on an old Instagram pic

Emily also got a lot of criticism from a video she released with Lena the Plug. It was called I Let My Best Friend Have Sex With My Boyfriend.

Lena and Emily discussed how they had threesomes in the past. However, she was going to let her best friend, Emily, have private time with her man, Adam22.

She drank tequila and got in her underwear as she waited for Adam to show up. Once he did, the girls seduced him on camera before cutting off so they can do the deed. 

Many people commented that they would be disappointed if these girls were their children. They also questioned how Emily’s kids would feel in the future. 

Other Notable Facts About Emily Rinaudo 

Emily is also an aspiring writer. She had a gig for a while at Arsenic Magazine. She also used to host a message board in conjunction with the pieces that she wrote. 

Emily likes to create content with her friends. You can find her and Kassidy Keating bearing their booties in many social media pics. 

She loves her dogs. Emily Rinaudo has a chihuahua mix named Honey. The star also seems to have a little black terrier mix. 

Emily Rinaudo has rocked brown hair for most of her career. However, people believe that she might truly be a natural blonde. There are pics of her with blonde hair. It does match her eyes perfectly…

Either way, she’s gorgeous no matter what color she dyes it. We’ll be there to watch her every step of the way! 

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