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This 17-year-old Australian model is starting to make big waves in the world of the Famousss. Emily Feld has become the face of Michael Murchie Photography. She is a popular Instagram star, boasting 997,000 followers. With her 18th birthday happening on April 17, 2021, we expect her @emily.feld Instagram account will reach one million soon!

Emily Feld’s Net Worth

Emily Feld’s net worth is $3,000. At just 17-years-old, Emily Feld has already made a huge name for herself in the Australian modeling world. She is signed with Que Models, who gets her to advertise high-quality clothes and bikinis. 

Some clients Emily Feld has modeled for include:

In addition, Emily Feld has an official YouTube channel. She has 23,500 followers as of March 2021. She doesn’t upload content often. However, she does have a couple of travel vlogs. 

Her most popular video on the page is A day on the Gold Coast (Currumbin rock pools). It has over 2 million views to date. Therefore, Emily gets a little kickback for ad revenue. 

She is also stepping up her TikTok game. The starlet has 16,500 followers of her @emilyfeld TikTok account. Her inaugural TikTok almost blew up the internet. With almost 100,000 views, she slays a runway to Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” remix that features Old Dirty Bastard. 

Emily Feld’s Family and Early Life

Emily Feld was born on April 17, 2003, in Queensland, Australia. She grew up in the Gold Coast Hinterland. As Emily always says, “I’m a girl from The Gold Coast.”

She is only 17-years-old, so Emily Feld still lives in Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia, with her family. As she explains in the video, “Fun facts about me | Emily Feld,” she has always lived in the same exact house her entire life!

Emily Feld is an overnight sensation. She did a lot of this work on her own. Her parents loom in the shadows. 

They want their daughter to follow her dreams but want to maintain as much of their own privacy as possible. As a result, we don’t know a lot of information about them. 

She is more open about siblings. It seems they are also interested in a potential life of the Famousss, even though they are older. She has four other siblings. Emily Feld has two brothers AND two sisters! This Australian model is the youngest of five.

Emily Feld’s Rise to Fame

Emily Feld always wanted to be a model. She is a natural beauty and knows how to capture emotions and expressions with her face. Her family couldn’t deny her.

They introduced the budding star to Michael Murchie Photography. He took an invested interest in this young upstart model. Michael Murcie captured many photographs of her. 

She posed for candids, editorials, and social media. Emily would shop these photos around and secure herself a contract with Que Models. Emily Feld remains happily contracted to the Australian-based representatives. 

Emily Feld’s rise to fame has been a slow and steady climb. There wasn’t one video or picture where she made it. People discovered her and started retro-liking her content. She is now a proven commodity who seems to have true staying power. 

Emily Feld’s Relationships

As of March 2021, Emily is still a minor. She hasn’t indicated that she’s in a relationship. Nor does it seem like she’s longing to be in one. 

As one of her quotes says

“Always be yourself because yourself is always wonderful.” 

Right now, she is concentrating on her career. She is too young to be in a long-term relationship with so much promise ahead of her. However, her 18th birthday is about a month away. So, her relationship status might change. 

Emily Feld’s Rumors and Controversies

Emily is still coming up in the ranks of the Famousss. She hasn’t had the chance yet to have wild controversies like Nash GrierAdmiral Bulldog, and Woah Vicky

The only slight scandal revolves around her Instagram post in conjunction with Conrad Taylor. She posted a picture where she is clearly not wearing a bra underneath. Her nipples are hard. Many people suggest these she is being sexualized. 

These opinions are further concerned by how many tiny bikini shots the young star has. They fear that she is still a child, and photographers and marketing agencies should know better. 

There are many men out there that are into these sorts of shots. In fact, one man even sued stars like Amouranth, lilchiipmunk, Alinity Divine, and more because they dressed too provocatively. 

He said their attire would cause his sex addiction to get out of control. Some critics fear that her scantily clad content at such a young age can subject the upcoming star to predators. 

Other Notable Facts About Emily Feld

Emily Feld loves animals. She has pets and loves to spend her spare time cuddling and playing with them. 

Emily has been to:

  • Fiji
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand

She said that they were all wonderful. However, Emily Feld noted that Fiji was her favorite place to visit. She fell in love with the beaches and said the people there were extremely friendly. 

Her goal in life is to sit in an igloo in the north with a glass ceiling. She wants to see the Northern Lights. In addition, she’s never seen snow. That’s another life goal.

Emily is a self-professed indecisive person. Making decisions stresses her out. She’d rather go with the flow. She also credits her indecisiveness for causing her to be a bad shopper. 

The star doesn’t know what she likes and can’t tell if things look good on her. Thankfully, she’s a model. So, people get hired to pick clothes out for her to wear!

Drawing is one of her favorite things to do. She doodles all over her notebooks and spare paper lying around. It’s a great way for her to pass the time and get some of her creative outlets out. 

Emily claims she watches a “shitload” of movies. She claims she watched every movie on Netflix, calling herself a “nerd.” While Emily Feld doesn’t have a favorite movie, she says that the Marvel franchise makes her favorite flicks. 

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