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This fitness model is so hot that she needs two Instagram pages. Whether you’re the 795k following @elizabethzaks or the 33.4k following @elizabeth.zaks (or both), we’re all HERE for Elizabeth Zaks. This 25-year-old Famousss star is Florida-born, but now she’s taking the entire world by the reins. With endorsements coming left and right, this 5’6″ model is about to make bank. Keep an eye out for Elizabeth Zaks; we know ours are fully glued to her.

Elizabeth Zaks’ Net Worth

Elizabeth Zaks is just entering the world of the Famousss. She has yet to make the money that other Famousss stars Lana RhoadesAva Louise, and Mike Maljak. However, I wouldn’t scoff at Elizabeth Zaks’ income.

Currently, the net worth of Elizabeth Zaks is $62,000. That’s an honest living for a 25-year-old who is just hitting her stride. Most of Elizabeth Zaks’ money comes from her official OnlyFans page. This page has 31.4k likes and 69 videos (how appropriate), to date. 

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Additionally, Elizabeth Zaks has a popular YouTube page. She currently has 311k subscribers. Her most popular videos involve bikini hauls and lookbooks for swimsuits. These videos have around 2.5 million views each. Therefore, Elizabeth Zaks is among top earners for YouTube ad kickbacks.

The official @elizabethzaks Instagram account has 771k followers. This content usually tamely teases the type of content you will find on her OnlyFans. 

This burgeoning social media page has opened the door for many endorsements with Elizabeth Zaks, including:

The star has a growing TikTok account with 744.6K following the verified @elizabethzaks account. Now, she’s trying to diversify. Elizabeth Zaks recently started a gaming TikTok account at @liskazaks.

With her rising interest in gaming, Elizabeth Zaks has opened an official Twitch page

As she explains,

” I’ve always been into gaming but I’ve been a Nintendo gal all my life- Zelda is my #1.”

While she may not have the playing chops that other Famousss gamer girls have, like Sinematicc9sneaky, and Pokimane, Elizabeth Zaks does alright for herself. Whether they’re into gaming or her hot looks, almost 5,000 people have followed her on Twitch so far. We expect that number to increase now that we’ve officially welcomed Elizabeth Zaks to the Famousss.

Elizabeth Zaks’ Early Life & Family

Elizabeth Zaks was born on June 13, 1996, in Russia. Elizabeth Zaks’ parents are of Russian descent. Her mother was a doctor when she lived in Russia. The Zaks clan moved to Debary, Florida, when Elizabeth was six years old. 

Elizabeth Zaks’ father’s name was Ilya Zaks. Sadly, he passed away from cancer on June 18, 2004. Ilya Zaks was only 31-years old. Elizabeth was only eight at the time. 

Since then, Elizabeth’s mom has remarried. Elizabeth loves her new family. She has a half-brother named Danny and a stepsister named Sasha.

This Gemini is a small-town girl with big dreams. While she’s made it to the Famousss, Elizabeth still resides near Debary to remain close to her family.

Growing up, Elizabeth Zaks had a hard time fitting in. People made fun of her for having an accent. Plus, they said she was too thin. In reality, the kids were just jealous of this blonde-hair, blue-eyed beauty.

Elizabeth graduated high school in 2014. Rather than going to college, she immediately immersed herself in fashion. The star knew she was going to make it big on the internet. She just didn’t know how far her star was going to rise. 

Elizabeth Zaks’ Rise to Fame

Elizabeth Zaks joined YouTube on May 13, 2015. She posted her first video called Typical Fishing Trips on May 19, 2015. Originally, she created local content with a tourist’s eye. 

She would hit local Florida beaches and waters to help show off her latest bikini buys. These videos really resonated with people and quickly.  

As her following grew, Elizabeth started posting workout routines. She really enjoyed giving tips to people and empowering them. Plus, all the comments telling her that she was hot was really good for her confidence.

With time, Elizabeth Banks built a brand. She really exploded during the pandemic when she started offering Reels and TikToks around quick workouts. As people fell in love with her, she capitalized by launching her OnlyFans. Now, we all know who Elizabeth Zaks is and are excited to see what she does next. 

Elizabeth Zaks’ Relationships

She might look like the girl next door, but Elizabeth Zaks is the girl you want in your house. 

Elizabeth Zaks used to date Michael Falco, at @michaelfalcoo on Instagram. He is a beefhead with huge muscles, which makes sense for the workouts Elizabeth Zaks loves. Michael Falco and Elizabeth Zaks were high school sweethearts, but that relationship fizzled out.

Don’t get too excited about sliding into @elizabethzaks’ DMs. Elizabeth Zaks is engaged to Dominic Jeancola, who is @domstheb0mb on Instagram. Dominic proposed to Elizabeth on July 21, 2012 in Kohala Forest Reserve, located in Waimea, HI. He popped the question on one knee in front of a beautiful waterfall.

The two seem to be in it for the long haul. Elizabeth includes him in a lot of her content. However, if things go sour, we’ll be sure to slide in Elizabeth Zaks’ DMs to try and comfort her.

Elizabeth Zaks’ Rumors & Controversies

Elizabeth Zaks has been accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. Some even say that her voice has deepened with time. Others are saying she got butt implants. 

Elizabeth Zaks hasn’t confirmed or denied any of these rumors. However, many Elizabeth Zaks enthusiasts insist her booty has always been juicy.

Other Notable Facts About Elizabeth Zaks

At just 25 years old, Elizabeth Zaks has already started having heart problems. She currently has to monitor her heart to see if there are any issues. The star says her rhythm is off and is hoping to get to the bottom of it. 

Elizabeth Zaks and Dom are huge Seattle Mariners fans. Dom used to play baseball, so he drags her to many games. They even took in a Detroit Tigers game recently. 

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