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Marcus Hill (Born March 30, 1992 [Age: 26]) is gamer, Dyrus. Dyrus became a professional League of Legends player when the multiplayer game was still in its beta phase. He became a popular champion as Signed. As Signed, Dyrus topped the beta phase and became the first ranked player.

When Dyrus started, he joined short lived League of Legends team, All or Nothing. When the team split, Dyrus moved onto Epik Gamer to be their top laner. As his popularity grew, Dyrus decided to make the switch to Twitch.

With his success steamrolling, Dyrus moved into a gaming house in New York. He lived with other Team SoloMid members as he pursued a full-time career as a member of Epik Gamer.

Team SoloMid offered Dyrus a spot in their crew when TheRainMan retired. Epik Gamer gave Dyrus the okay and he became a top laner for the coveted team. Immediately, both sides saw benefits as Team SoloMid won the 2014 Spring Split and Summer Split. Dyrus also worked with the team to win the 2015 Spring season and playoffs as well as the Intel Extreme Masters Season IX Katowice World Finals.

Doing so well 2015 Spring LCS earned Team SoloMid a spot in the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational where they nabbed 5th place, followed by a 2ncd place seeding in the 2015 Summer Split. At the 2015 League of Legends Championships, Dyrus retired active competition. He received a standing effort from the house for his efforts.

Dyrus continues to stream on Twitch but has very short hours compared to his contemporaries.

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