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Ben Lupo

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Ben Lupo (Born: March 20, 1987 [age 31]) is known by two names, Lupo or DrLupo. Either way, neither a far stretch from his actual name. Lupo started his streaming career with the game, Destiny.

While he has a huge following today, Lupo’s career took off rather slowly. With not many people biting on his Destiny reel, he moved over to H1Z1. H1Z1 still didn’t bring the breakout success that Lupo was hoping for but it was his first foray into Battle Royale gaming.

From H1Z1, Lupo moved onto PUBG and Fortnite. This is where he found his stride. Back in 2017, this change of scenery caused Lupo to link up with Ninja. This quickly led to Lupo’s popularity rising.  With a newfound bond, Ninja and Lupo started playing duos together in PUBG. After much success, the twosome moseyed over to Fortnite to dominate the duos scene there as well. In May 2018, Epic Games (the creators of Fortnite) announced they wouldn’t allow Ninja and Lupo to play together.

After much speculation, Lupo finally revealed his Gaming Setup. Lupo plays with six monitors. Five are run-of-the-mill 16:9 monitors. However, he has one insanely expensive 32:9 monitor. The gamer runs three webcams for his stream. Two are connected to his monitor and one is focused on his whole setup. As Lupo has explained, his Gaming Setup is rigged in a way that even if the power goes out on his property, he would still be able to livestream and play video games.

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