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Guy Beahm

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California, United States

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Guy Beahm (Born: March 10, 1982 [Age: 36]) is one of the most infamous video game streamers. Living his life as a caricature, DrDisrespect is long lauded as perhaps the greatest entertainers on Twitch.

Priding himself as more of an entertainer than video game streamer, DrDisrespect dons a mullet and huge mustache before his livestreams. This schtick has been long perfected. DrDisrespect first created the character during his days of playing Halo 2 on XBox. At this time, the platform was mainly that of a voice chat. Here, DrDisrespect perfected his dominant character that could back up his junk talking.

On January 5, 2010, DrDisrespect first took to YouTube. His friends and him posted their first video on January 11, as they all played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This lead to DrDisrespect’s emergence on the gaming channel, Machinima. On this platform, DrDisrespect gained a following with Call of Duty.

At what was thought to be his peak in popularity, DrDisrespect disappeared in late 2011. During this time he signed on with Sledgehammer Games to be the community manager. In 2015, DrDisrespect discovered Justin.TV, the precursor to Twitch. He quit Sledgehammer and started working on his comeback.

As Twitch rose to prominence, DrDisrespect gained a following playing H1Z1 and then PUBG. In December of 2017, the star took a break from gaming to deal with his tumultous relationship with his wife. After coming clean about being unfaithful, DrDisrespect came back to the platform on February 5, 2018. He is still going strong and gaining popularity on a daily basis.

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