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Djarii – Famousss.com Djarii – Famousss.com


Sophia White

Also known as

Djarii, Djari



Birth Place

Scotland, United Kingdom

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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If you’re looking to pronounce her online pseudonym correctly, then make the “D” silent. Aside from her passion in gaming, Sophia is heavily into digital illustration, make-up artistry, photography and pretty much anything else creative you can think of. She keeps quite busy running a YouTube channel dedicated to gaming (main channel), a 2nd YouTube channel dedicated to makeup and creative living, and aims to live stream on Twitch on a daily basis.

Djarii Pictures

Sophia keeps extremely busy within her social media platforms, posting pictures almost daily. Due to her love of make-up artistry, you will find that her Insta account has an abundance of related photos recently. The artwork is actually quite impressive and even with all that stuff on her, she looks absolutely amazing.

Djarii Videos

Depending on the YouTube channel you decide to view will determine the material you are watching. Her main channel consists of strictly gaming highlights and her live Twitch streams where her secondary channel is dedicated to make-up and related topics. Keep an eye out for her boyfriend and fellow YouTuber, Scott, to appear in some of her videos.

Popular Videos