Dizzy Kitten


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Dizzy, Dizzy Kitten, Sujiken



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Northwest Arkansas

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This beautiful blonde American has been building her online fame since late 2013, when she began live streaming her gaming through Twitch. Since then she has mainly focussed on Twitch streams and that is it, but figures it is now time to embrace some of the YouTube life. You’ll find that she mostly posts random stream highlights to her channel but she states that the future is unknown and other things will surely appear.

Yes DizzyKitten only has 21k subscribers on her YouTube channel to date but that number will be sure to grow now that she is uploading videos more often. If you want to see more of Dizzy, you can catch her live streaming on Twitch 5 days a week (Mondays and Fridays she takes off). She loves PUBG but is a variety caster who also posts ASMR videos occasionally as well. To find ASMR related videos only, visit Dizzy’s secondary YouTube channel here.

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Blonde hair and blue eyes: the perfect combo on this cute and outgoing YouTuber. She loves posing for the camera and showing off her 2 cats. At one point she was asking for her fans’ opinions on what color she should chair her hair to but I think most of us could agree that the blonde suits her damn well.

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As previously mentioned, there isn’t much new material on her YouTube channel just yet as she is striving to contribute to her channel more now. Her in game commentary is funny as hell and don’t be surprised if she uses the odd swear word or two…or three. Oh and if you are wondering how many plushies are behind her in any of her streams, the answer is 127.

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