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Dhar Mann Real Estate Mogul

Dhar Mann

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Dhar Mann (Born: May 29, 1984) is a real estate agent, mogul, and YouTube content creator. He is a self-made millionaire through his real estate businesses. Since then, he’s transitioned into the medical marijuana and cosmetics industries. Plus, Dhar Mann started a YouTube channel to promote motivational content. His videos and backstory really resonated with viewers and has quickly amassed Dhar Mann millions of followers. 

Dhar Mann Early Beginnings 

Dhar Mann was born in Oakland, California. His parents are Surinder Singh and Baljit Singh. Both of his parents were entrepreneurs. Suffice to say; business is in his genes!

Upon graduating high school, Dhar Mann enrolled in the University of California, Davis. During his time at UC Davis, Dhar applied for a double major. In 2007, Dhar Mann graduated with degrees in Political Science and Economics. 

Dhar Mann Real Estate Business 

Dhar’s first venture into business was creating a real estate property management company. The young-and-hungry mogul-in-the-making started this venture while attending UC Davis. Almost immediately, the son of two entrepreneurs saw success. 

As Dhar Mann recalled, 

” At 21, I bought a Lamborghini Gallardo and two houses with my profits from a real estate mortgage company I started in college.”

Dhar Mann needed to strike while the iron was hot. So, he decided to withdraw from UC Davis and focus on his business full-time. 

That was a wise decision for Dhar. He ended up making a lot of money. Eventually, he would return to school and earn two degrees — one in Political Science and one in Economics. 

Dhar Mann Other Business Ventures 

It seemed like everything Dhar Mann touched turned to gold. So, he decided to start another business endeavor. This time, he started a luxury transportation service. 

Dhar Mann created this company in 2008, eventually becoming a main connect for Friendly Cab. This endeavor expanded into exotic cars in 2009.

Dhar Mann Fraud Controversy

In 2012, it was found that Dhar was using this business to cheat taxes to the state of California and the city of Oakland. They also found out he lied to get funding from a grant program to help people pay off household renovation debts fraudulently. 

He faced up to five years of probation and had to pay $44,3499 back to Oakland, so long as he didn’t fight the charges on five counts of fraud. 

Oakland also sued him in common court. They asked for $230,000 in fines and $135,000 for damages. Dhar Mann’s probation ended in 2017. He was let go early for good behavior. 

Dhar Mann WeGrow Marijuana

Dhar Mann got into the medical marijuana industry in 2010. He started the business WeGrow. It was a supply store for people to grow medical marijuana. 

They specialized in hydroponic growing resources. CNN would famously call them “The Walmart of Weed.”

He oversaw the building of a 15,000 square-foot store. It saw immediate success. WeGrow would eventually venture out in Arizona and Washington, D.C. 

As a successful businessman, expansion and global growth are always in Dhar’s mind. In fact, Dhar Mann even started looking into purchasing his own 57,000 square-foot cannabis farm. 

All of this success caught on with the media. Dhar Mann was featured in the National Geographic biopic The Marijuana Gold Rush.

He was also featured in publications, including:

  • Mother Jones
  • CNN
  • Wall Street Journal
  • PBS
  • New York Times
  • BuzzFeed
  • Forbes
  • Entrepreneur

Eventually, WeGrow started teaching classes about growing medical marijuana. While the medical marijuana industry is booming, WeGrow closed its doors in 2019. 

The company is now owned by Rebekah Neumann. She said they would reopen operations at some point in the near future in June 2020. 

Dhar Mann startes LiveGlam

Dhar Mann is the founder of LiveGlam. LiveGlam is a monthly subscription service that delivers beauty supplies to peoples’ doors. All products in the LiveGlam box are vegan and cruelty-free. So, you don’t have to worry about not using some of the products in the box.  

LiveGlam also offers educational opportunities for its subscribers. Makeup artists provide tutorials using the products that are in the monthly kits. That way, people know how to use the cosmetics they’re subscribing to receive. 

This business venture was a success. He started out with just $600 capital. Within just two years, LiveGlam was raking in eight figures! To date, they’ve shipped over 10 million boxes worldwide.

Dhar Mann Personal Life 

One of the teachers for Dhar Mann’s LiveGlam classes is Laura H. Further. She started off teaching his Marriage Cosmetics Class. However, she would find herself needing the same lessons. 

Dhar Mann and Laura Further fell in love. He proposed to her in Paris, France. Now, they work together to see the success of LiveGlam live on. 

Dhar Mann once said, 

”I owe so much of my success to Laura. Not only is Laura the Creative Director and driving force behind LiveGlam, a cosmetics company I founded, but more importantly, she helped me become the man I needed to be in order to succeed.”

On May 1, 2020, the two welcomed a baby girl into this world. Dhar Mann’s daughter’s name is Ella Rose Mann

Dhar Mann Studios

Always looking for new ways to network and influence, Dhar Mann created inspirational videos for Facebook. He noticed that the engagement was up for this type of content. So, Dhar Mann decided to go viral. 

Like he tends to do, Dhar Mann went all-in on his new business. He started Dhar Mann Studios and created a YouTube page. Dhar calls his 4+ million followers the #DharMannFam. 

His content centers around positivity. He tries to use data and practical applications to help people live successful lives. Also, Dhar creates thought-provoking content. They have ethics and tropes that promote kindness. 

This page launched on May 9, 2018. Dhar Mann’s total video views are already over one billion. It is one of the fastest-growing motivational YouTube channels in history. 

Dhar Mann Net Worth

Dhar Mann’s net worth is over $160,000,000. He makes a lot of money, but he sure knows how to spend it. 

Dhar Mann has plenty of expensive cars, including:

  • 2017 Tesla Model X
  • 2019 Lamborghini Urus
  • 2019 Rolls Royce Dawn

In November 2020, the real estate mogul bought a 9,300-square-foot Calabasas home. This property cost a cool $15 million and was the former home of Khloe Kardashian. 

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