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Devan Key (Born: April 17, 1998) is a popular social media personality and the younger brother of America’s Got Talent sensation, Collins Key. This rising star is gaining his own following as a heartthrob and is on the upwards climb as an actor. 

Devan Key Early Beginnings

Devan Key was born in California to Steve and Anne Key. He is the youngest of two, as his famous brother is two years his senior. They raised the family to be devout Christians, which is a faith that they still hold dear to this very day.

Life was always interesting in the Key household. Collins would always be trying new tricks out and coming up with new games. 

However, Devan had a wild streak of his own, too. One time, he was convinced he was a ninja. So, he begged his brother to shoot him with an arrow so he can dodge it. Well, he was a little late. Poor Devan got shot in the thumb!

The two were thick as thieves and loved to watch Star Wars. They even tried to grow their hair out to have a padawan braid like Anakin Skywalker. 

Devan Key on the Success of Collins Key

Collins always commanded a lot of attention. He would perform magic shows and various stunts for his family and friends. 

Devan would watch his brother in awe. He would see firsthand how his brother would captivate those he loved most. These defining moments lit a spark in Devan.

Some would say that Devan lived (and lives) in Collin’s shadow. However, Devan sees Collins as more of an inspiration. You can get out there, do what you desire, and touch people along the way.

As Collins got accepted to the Junio Program at the Hollywood Famous Magic Castle, Devan played around with acting. He was bit by the bug and knew from a very early age that he was destined to become an entertainer.

Devan Key Starts A Career 

YouTube is no different than Hollywood. It’s about who you know. Luckily or Devan Key, he knows Collins Key pretty well!

Collins saw the passion for entertainment in Devan’s eyes. So, he decided to do his brother solid and began inviting him on random YouTube vlogs. 

Collins’ followers really took a liking to Devan. Mi casa su casa, mi followers, su followers. Their content creation actually brought the twosome closer together. 

With that said, Devan is insistent on not riding his brother’s coattails. He’s created content that’s nothing like his brother’s and created a fan base of his own. Now, he’s branching out in the world of film and television.

Devan Key Disney Channel Career 

The first step towards leaving the shadow of Collins Key was to forget a path of his own. While Collin Key also used television as an avenue for him to become recognized, Devan didn’t go the America’s Got Talent route. 

Instead, Devan put his acting chops to the test. His first major role was on the season two premiere of Girl Meets World. He played the character Lucas, who was a member of the Alterna-History class.

In this episode, he most notably said (with a horrible accent), “I saw a goat give birth.” That scene was featured prominently in all marketing material leading up to this May 11, 2015 episode. It was called Girl Meets Gravity.

From there, he transitioned over to another Disney channel. Rather than it being the actual Disney channel, he moved over to the Disney-owned American Broadcasting Channel (ABC).

On December 6, 2016 he appeared in the first season of American Housewife. It was the eighth episode of the season, and Devan played Student #1 in the Westport Cotillion. While he didn’t have a major role, Devan was once again heavily featured in all marketing for the episode. 

Devan Key Stars in A Horse From Heaven 

After so many small roles, Devan didn’t lose sight of his dreams. He finally landed a role that helped break him into the leading role category. 

After his stint with American Housewife finished up, Devan was cast in A Horse From Heaven. His part was that of Bradley. He played second behind the main character, Mandy, played by Mandy Grace. The movie followed Mandy’s relationship with a horse. 

DJ Devan Key

Devan has many interests that expand beyond film and YouTube. He’s also very passionate about music. In fact, he’s decided to give being a DJ a shot. DJ Devan has done many successful shows, most notably teaming up with DJ Metoo. 

He also prides himself as a producer of not just the music but his stage shows. Devan is extremely hands-on with special effects and lighting treatments during his sets. 

Devan Key and Collins Key Moose Toys

Action figures have always been a significant part of Devan Key’s life. As a lifelong Star Wars fan, he has collected over 200 action figures for just that movie alone. This love for collectibles has trickled over into his adulthood. Now, he’s cashing in on a hobby that he initially spent a lot of cash doing. 

Collins Key and Devan Key struck it huge when they inked a deal with Wal-Mart to release a line of toys under the Collins Key Moose Toys moinker. 

In a press release circulated by the gaming giant,

“Moose Toys has been named global master toy partner for Collins and Devan Key, creators of the No. 1 brand-friendly YouTube channel, Collins Key. The channel boasts 20.5 million YouTube subscribers and averages more than 25 million views per video. Building on the success of the channel, where fans, known as the #KeyperSquad, tune in for fun DIY food, wacky challenges, pranks and more, the new products will provide fans with tools to re-create the iconic challenges at home.”

The Collins Key Moose Toys collection features a wide variety of toys, including:

  • Fake Food Mystery Challenge Game
  • Double Fake Food Showdown
  • The Ultimate Unboxing Game
  • Mystery Box Figure Challenge

Collins Key’s name is featured before every item. So, he is clearly the star of the show. However, Devan is included in all marketing. 

Plus, the tagline for the entire marketing campaign is, “Fun for the family.” This catchphrase heavily implies that the success of this line is highly contingent on Devan’s involvement.  

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