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Melbourne, Australia

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Deligracy, or Deli for short, is an Australian YouTuber and Streamer, amongst other things like Graphic Designer, Gamer and Vlogger. She originally gained popularity back in 2013 when she created her YouTube channel and started uploading content involving The SIMS games (all series) and continues these Let’s Play videos to date.

Once Fortnite gained its popularity, she began Twitch streaming and continues to stream at least a 4-5 days a week to keep her 80,000+ viewers happy.

Deli has her own website but it does not sell merch, rather it just lists the specs of her equipment and is a hub for all the links to her social media platforms. If you are looking for merch, she sells clothing on this link here.

Deligracy Pictures

This stunning Aussie loves to smile for the camera while sometimes showing off some of her recent clothing creations.

Deligracy Videos

Now who doesn’t like a good Australian accent on a woman? It just makes her commentary on the Let’s Play SIMS videos that much more entertaining (not to mention sexy). In saying that, her affinity for The SIMS series is proven if you check out her YouTube channel as that is the majority of her content. As we mentioned before though, she does post vlogs as well so check them out.

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