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De’arra Taylor – Famousss.com De’arra Taylor – Famousss.com

De'arra Taylor DK4L

De'arra Taylor

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This alleged daughter of Yo Gotti is making a name for herself now that she’s no longer collaborating with Ken Walker. De’arra Taylor is moving on from DK4L. The Memphis, Tennessee native is taking Atlanta, Georgia by storm like other Famousss stars Woah Vicky and Jayce Ivanah. Whether she’s making shocking prank videos or reviewing food, we love what this 25-year-old Taurus puts out there to her 5.6 million Instagram followers on her @dearra account. We love us some De’arra and are ready for her new arra without Ken.

De’arra Taylor’s Net Worth

De’arra Taylor is one of the wealthiest content creators in the world of the Famousss. This YouTube star is making bank with Ken Walker, and she’s about to be taking a bigger slice of the pie for herself. As of August 2021, De’arra Taylor has a net worth of $2,500,000. However, she’s going to blow that amount of the water in no time.

De’arra Taylor makes her money as the co-creator of the De’arra & Ken 4 Life YouTube channel. This popular channel has 6.17 million subscribers. The average video has 1 million views, making her a prime earner for YouTube ad revenue.

Their most popular video is called I BROKE UP WITH DE’ARRA (prank!!!). It has almost 30 million views. Ken made this video in response to the “I’M PREGNANT” (prank!!!) video prank she played on him. Comparatively, that video has 8.3 million views, which isn’t too shabby!

De’arra Taylor’s Family & Early Life

De’arra Taylor was born on April 17, 1996, in Memphis, Tennessee. We don’t know too much about her upbringing, as she doesn’t talk much about it. However, the star alleges that Mario Sentell Giden Mims, also known as Yo Gotti, is her dad. 

De’arra Taylor’s Rise to Fame

De’arra Taylor opened her YouTube page on December 11, 2014. She posted her first video on July 18, 2015. It is called the Bean Boozled Challenge and has over 1,670,000 views to date. 

She created content with her boyfriend, Ken Walker. They would play a lot of pranks on each other or partake in viral challenges over the internet. People loved watching their chemistry. They were also enamored by the mean pranks the two would play on each other. 

Their relatability and hilarious reactions really resonated with their audience. The twosome became YouTube sensations, being known as DK4L (De’arra & Ken 4 Life), as their version of Bennifer. With time, the two created a strong following who continue to be loyal to this day. Now, their DK Gang must split their time between watching the two apart rather than together. 

De’arra Taylor’s Relationships

De’arra Taylor was in a relationship with Ken Walker for over seven years. The two met in Atlanta when De’arra’s family moved there around middle school. Ken is a little older than De’arra. Upon graduation, he worked at a Home Depot.

One day in 2014, he went to a local Chipotle to eat. He ran into De’arra Taylor, who had just graduated from high school. The two struck up a conversation, and the rest was history. 

In 2014, the couple created a YouTube page together. Their fame blew up, and the two have been riding the wave ever since. 

In 2017, the couple we featured in NY MagThey were asked why they believe they make it as a couple and have a susccessful channel.

Unaware of what the future held, De’arra said at the time,

“A lot of couples that have come up on the internet have gone wrong “Being together just because of the sake of the YouTube channel. They fall off. They break up.”

Ken Walker proposed to De’arra Taylor in August 2019 during a vacation in Santorini, Greece. The couple put their wedding plans on hold during the pandemic. 

In 2020, the couple started creating as much content together. Finally, on August 202, 2021, De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker announced that they broke up.

The couple released a statement,

“It’s been a long ride gang thank you guys for all the love and support throughout these several years and now all the love and support you will show us both as we expand our individual platforms here on YouTube. Thank you guys so much forever and always.

There are many rumors going around that Ken Walker cheated on De’arra Taylor. 

As De’arra explained,

No we aren’t beefing, me and ken don’t have no hate, no bad blood, we good. “

The twosome said they will keep the channel live so that people coule always enjoy the videos. They also said they won’t be purging their old social media accounts of each other’s pics, nor will they be unfollowing each other. 

With that said, they said it was unlikely they would appear on each other’s new channels or make new videos for this current channel. Now that De’arra and Ken aren’t 4 Life, we can find someone suitable to fill that hole in De’arra’s life…and YouTube channel!

De’arra Taylor’s Rumors & Controversies

De’arra Taylor is rumored to be the daughter of Yo Gotti. However, there is no official confirmation on this matter. 

The star did tweet on October 24, 2016,

“Yes, Yo Gotti is my biological dad..”

While many have questioned the authenticity of this tweet, neither Yo Gotti or De’arra have confirmed or denied this relationship since. The star allegedly has six children, but this also can’t be verified. 

Other Notable Facts About De’arra Taylor

DK4L was featured on an episode of Fight of the Living Dead that aired on October 31, 2017. De’arra Taylor was also in Tyler Perry’s Boo! 

De’arra Taylor has a lot of tattoos, including flowers on her left bicep. 

De’arra Taylor went to Cancun, Mexico for her 20th birthday party in 2016.

Flaming Cheeto’s is one of De’arra Taylor’s favorite snacks. In fact, she loves spicy food in general. She’s always housing spicy ramen, wings, or adding hot sauce to things. 

De’arra Taylor said that she got in trouble in elementary school for accidentally touching a boy’s private parts. Her mom had to come to school to reprimand her. 

De’arra Taylor loves shoes. She has a whole IG Highlights section dedicated to the many types of shoes and sneakers that the star being repping.

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