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David Julian Dobrik is a very popular YouTube most known for his vlogs. The Slovakian-American is still rather new to the viral scene. He won the 2017 Streamy Award for Breakout Creator.

Dorbik dipped his toes into the viral video waters when Vine was still in existence. The budding star first opened his account on the six-second video loop social media platform on April 3, 2013. When Vine was blowing up, he started to collaborate with other rising viral stars that were also making waves.

That list includes:

  • Brandon Calvillo
  • Alex Ernst
  • Gabrielle Hanna
  • Josh Peck

Seeing the writing on the wall, Dorbik left Vine and started focusing on YouTube. In 2015, he met another hot viral celebrity, Liza Koshy. The two started dating. After three years together, the duo announced their split. They told everyone that the breakup was a mutual decision. In fact, by the time the world knew, they had already been apart for six months.

On YouTube, Dorbik became a part of a collaborative channel known as Second Class. He worked alongside fellow YouTubers to create content.

These YouTubers were:

  • Jack Dytrych
  • Cameron Kasper
  • Bren Lunn
  • Jake Webber

To do this, Dorbik had to uproot from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles.

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