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Danielley Ayala – Famousss.com Danielley Ayala – Famousss.com

danielley ayala

Danielle Ayala

Also known as

Danielley Ayala



Birth Place

Los Angeles, California

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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This gorgeous brown-hair, brown-eye model is taking the internet by storm. Danielle Ayala, or Danielley Ayala as her followers know her, likes to show off her curves in her Calvins, as well as in bikini pics. Boy, do we like to watch this Los Angeles, California resident do her thing. With 25,5000 followers on her official Danielley Ayala YouTube page and 5.2 million on her Instagram @danielleyayalaa, we’re not alone. This 27-year-old Famousss star has it all, and we still want more!

Danielley Ayala’s Net Worth

Danielley Ayala is a hard-working entrepreneur. She makes most of her money through modeling gigs. Many internet companies will pay the star to promote their items. She also gets tons of free swag. Who doesn’t love that?

On top of modeling herself, Danielley Ayala started a modeling agency to help other burgeoning actresses and internet stars. The name of this business venture is Soft-Hued.

Soft-Hued represented talent to give them a platform to grow their brand. Some of their services included:

  • Procuring Gigs
  • Media Exposure
  • Advertising 
  • Editorials
  • Commercial Bookings

At one point, talent was under long-term contracts. These talents had access to world-renowned photographers, such as Casie Wendel, that helped this talent update their headshots and contact information.

Some of her top talents were:

  • Guetcha Tondreau
  • Andrew Beasley
  • Sydney Nichole

Under the Soft-Hued banner, these stars were featured in SKYN and Elle. However, Soft-Hued is no longer in business. 

Prior to being a representative for talent, Danielley was a makeup artist. She would do local talent’s makeup for modeling gigs. Additionally, Danielley would glam up brides and their wedding parties. In 2018, she was the main makeup artist for the movie Dance of Vengeance.

Now, Danielley is focusing on her own career. She launched her highly successful @danyellay OnlyFans page. Danielley Ayala likes to show off her breasts in what is known as the “No Bra Club.” Monthly access to her boobs and other hot pics is just $19.99 per month. However, she does run occasional limited offers where you can get up to 50% off your first month. 

Danielley also has a very large Instagram following of 5.2 million. Most of her pics are centered around her body, which prompts people to join her OnlyFans. However, you will see Danielley rocking a product every once in a while. That’s why Danielley Ayala’s net worth is $1,400,000 and counting!

Danielley Ayala’s Early Life and Family 

Danielley Ayala was born on February 23, 1994. She was destined for stardom immediately. Many Famousss stars like Anisa Johma, Tayler Holder, and Addison Rae moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue their dreams. Danielle was born in La La Land!

Not much is known about her upbringing. She did grow up in a wealthy household. In fact, the Ayalas lived in a mansion. 

Danielle’s parents are still married. She is also the oldest sibling in the family. However, how many siblings she has is currently unknown. 

Ayala graduated from high school in 2012. She tried a few jobs to make ends meet. However, she was positive she wanted to get involved in the entertainment industry. 

There wasn’t much pressure on Danielley because her family didn’t have financial hardships. However, she realized she needed to do something. Four years after graduating, Danielley Ayala went to the Make-up Designory College in Burbank, California. She would remain matriculated for two years before leaving to pursue her career.

Danielley Ayala’s Rise to Fame

Danielley launched her DanielleyAyalaTV YoutTube page on January 7, 2019. Her initial content was reaction videos, Q&As, and makeup tutorials. However, she’s since purged most of the content on her page. 

She really made it big on Instagram over the pandemic. She gained over 4 million extra followers in less than a year. People are bored and want pretty things to look at. Can’t get much hotter than Danielley Ayala!

Danielley Ayala’s Relationships

Danielley Ayala was in a long-term relationship with Peter Shelegan. They started dating in 2015. The two looked madly in love, posing for pictures on vacations all the time. However, Peter Shelegan and Danielley Ayala broke up in 2018.

Ayala said they broke up because Danielley wanted to concentrate on her career. Shortly after the breakup, she would move out of Los Angeles and to her new home in Miami, Florida. This change in scenery helped her get over the breakup. Now, she is living the life of the Famousss.

Danielley Ayala’s Rumors and Controversies

Danielley has been dragged hard by social due to her career choices. Many say that her OnlyFans career is tasteless, even if she doesn’t show everything. People have even accused her of ruining her future childrens’ lives. 

Ayala clapped back,

“My future babies will be happy they don’t need to starve and can get an education because I can pay for it and they have a mom who loves them

I’m also in my early 20’s… lmao like I’m doing what I need to and paying for everything myself, paying for my school which I start next month, and surrounded by amazing people. So try again.”

A lot of people questioned if Danielley Ayala got breast enhancements. She would remain quiet about this for a while. However, everyone noted her boobs are way bigger than they used to be. She finally opened up in the YouTube video ARE THEY REAL?! – VLOG #1

In this video, Danielley Ayala admitted to getting 32DDD breasts. People went crazy, making fun of the hottie. They said her boobs hang down to her belly button. However, Danielley laughs it off.

Also, many use Danielley’s picture to catfish people. So, if you think Danielley is hitting on you in your DMs, make sure to do your detective work!

Other Notable Facts About Danielley Ayala

Danielley loves to eat. She can’t even pinpoint what her least favorite food is. However, we can guarantee one thing. It won’t be covered in condiments. 

She finds condiments gross and unhealthy. Danielley would rather taste her food the way it is intended. 

Ayala is also a diehard dog lover. You will see her posing with many dogs. In fact, her IG profile even says she likes dogs more than people!

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