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Hannah Noble

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Get ready for new Roblox videos all week long and don’t forget to subscribe to Hannah’s gaming channel (Cybernova Games) for astronomical amounts of fun. If you are looking for some different material then check out Hannah’s second YouTube channel (Cybernova) which includes makeup tutorials and other random, but hilarious, uploads.

Hannah became the host of MMO Play and Toy Box Collectibles in addition to her streams for the Frag Dolls. Although she does live stream her gaming sessions, you will find that she does more YouTube posting than anything. Hannah actually began her career playing the original Halo game for Xbox then eventually started to get involved with PC gaming and played games such as The SIMS and World of Warcraft.

Cybernova Pictures

Hannah loves to show off her cute little family, which includes her boyfriend of 3 years, her 3 dogs and 2 children. She also likes to show the dark side of her by posting pics of her with spooky makeup on (even when it isn’t Halloween).

Cybernova Videos

Whichever of the 2 YouTube channels you decide to check out, you won’t be disappointed. Hannah keeps the content clean for all her audiences and even includes her boyfriend and fellow YouTuber, Ezehuev, along with her dogs, in some of her videos.

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