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Collins Key (born: May 9, 1996 [Age: 23]) is a magician who became a finalist on America’s Got Talent. The overnight sensation now travels the world as a speaker, runs his own business, and also have a very successful YouTube page.

Collins Key Early Beginnings 

Collins Key is the oldest of Steve and Anne Key’s two children. His younger brother, Devan, is a regular on Collins Key’s YouTube content. Prior to being a YouTube sensation, Collins was a theater nut. Shakespeare enamored him at the ripe age of four. This passion drove him toward the performing arts, where he showcased his knack for captivating a live audience.

By twelve, Collins discovered his calling. The young talent gravitated toward magic. Just nine months into try, Collins was accepted into the elite Junior Program at the Hollywood Famous Magic Castle.

Collins Key on America’s Got Talent 

As Collins honed his craft, he launched his YouTube page. Collins would put some of his tricks and skills earned at the Hollywood Famous Magic Castle on his display. These videos caught the eyes of talent producers at America’s Got Talent. At just the young age of 16, Collins Key got the call from the television giant to audition for their show.

Collins was invited to the show’s eighth season and caught on like wildfire. The audience and panelists loved him. Inevitably, the star-in-the-making became the first magician to land themselves into the finals of the esteemed show. Although he came up short, Collins has captured the heart and imaginations of America.  Now, the sky became the limit for the rising star.

Collins Key on Tour 

Most America’s Got Talent stars will embark on a tour once the show finale concludes. They do this under the America’s Got Talent umbrella and for some is a contractual must. Collins Key went on this tour, hitting 36 cities along the way.

Bit by the touring bug, Collins Key decided to take on an opening magic act and hosting gig for Demi Lovato’s  Neon Lights Tour. Collins would enjoy up to 55 minutes of stage time every night of the show.

On the bill, Collins Key got to introduce:

  • Cheryl Lloyd
  • Fifth Harmony
  • Little Mix

Hot off America’s Got Talent, and being witnessed live by millions of Demi fans, Collins was invited to present at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.

Collins Key YouTube Growth

After non-stop touring for a couple of years, Collins Key took a step back. He returned to the platform that skyrocketed him into the stratosphere in the first place–YouTube. The magician decided to dedicate more time to uploading quality content and getting his followers up.

His strategy worked. In just two years, Collins Key went from a respectable two million followers to a whopping 18 million! Each episode Collins drops amassed approximately 25 million views each.

With these sort of numbers, A&T reached out to the YouTube sensation for a unique partnership. They had Collins star in content that led AT&T followers into a scavenger hurt. The show would lead viewers to the streets of LA. This short-lived series actually earned Collins a Shorty Award.

Collins Key Success Outside of YouTube

The YouTube star is starting to branch outside of his channel yet again. First, he created interstitial content on the Disney Channel. His family-friendly comedy with his brother was a perfect addition to Disney’s first-run episode of the successful network’s 2017 fall lineup. Key’s content ran for six weeks in the primetime Friday slot.

Following the successful run with Disney, Collins Key was invited to give a TEDx Talk. The event took place at the University of Santa Barbara. The magician spoke about how he uses magic to solve some of his problems. He took the approach that success is found because the answer to every problem is in plain sight. You just need to become in tune to find that answer, and these solutions will manifest much easier.

In 2018, Collins Key made history. He was the host of the first-ever YouTube FanFest in Mumbai, India. Over 10,000 fans came to this monumental event. Shortly after his Mumbai adventure, Collins Key opened his own merchandise store. Everything in his newly open shopped was sold out within two hours of launching.

As 2019 rages on, Collins is looking to prop his brother up in the spotlight. The twosome has entered an agreement with Nickelodeon. They are venturing out of their standard medium and are going to script content for the cable television giant.

Even though Collins Key is looking to transition to the silver screen, he’s still a big deal on the internet. In fact, he captured nominations in the 2019 Teen Choice Awards for both Choice Male Web Star and Choice Comedy Web Star.

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