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Cohh Carnage – Famousss.com Cohh Carnage – Famousss.com

Ben Cassell

Also known as

Cohh Carnage



Birth Place

Durham, North Carolina, United States

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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Ben Cassell (Born: June 25, 1984 [Age: 34] is better known to the streaming universe as Cohh Carnage. Cohh got his name as a take on the Hawaiian name, “Ko.” This is one of Cohh’s good friends. Since he always loved it, Cohh adopted the name with his spelling twist. He came up with the name Cohh during the time of Everquest 1. Since you needed at least 4 letters to make a name on the game, he took “Ko” and stretched it out to Cohh.

This North Carolina native studied Game Design while he was at Full Sail University in Florida. However, his streaming career started to really gain momentum. To take advantage of the growth, Cohh was forced to drop out of school two years into his studies. Now, he combines his knowledge as a DJ and music producer to create the best video content possible.

Many of Cohh’s streams feature his house full of pets, which include:

  • 2 Dogs
  • 6 Cats
  • 2 Chicken
  • 2 Parakeets
  • 1 Bearded Dragon

Cohh streams between 6 and 10 hours everyday starting at 8 AM. Most of his streams happen prior to lunch. He will come back for a little while after his meal to close. If you ever need to know when he is coming back from his break, use the !command to find out when his expected time back is.

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