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Jack (born: April 25, 1996 [Age: 23] is most better known to the world as FaZe Cizzorz, or just Cizzorz for short. He streams video games over platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. His channels have earned him a hefty sum of followers…and dollars. Cizzorz is a beast in Fortnite and has made a comfortable living competing in tournaments, further supplementing his gaming career.

What is Cizzorz’s Real Name?

You may have noticed that there is no last name associated with Jack.  He has worked hard to keep that away from the public. We know his name is Jack because it’s a vital part of his greeting on every video.

The star famously starts at the start of each upload:

“What’s going on guys! Its ya boy Jack A.K.A. Cizzorz here!”

While we thought we knew his name was Jack, the ever-elusive star released a bombshell. He recently declared his name to be John in a video that wasn’t uploaded by him:

As the star explains, he was born John, but those close to him always referred to the future gamer as Jack. So, Jack stuck. However, the last name will remain just as mysterious.

Cizzorz and Black Ops

Jack AKA Cizzorz first burst on the scene during the Call of Duty: Black Ops days. After getting hooked into the internet gaming community, Cizzorz decided to launch his official YouTube page. This momentous day took place on May 31, 2011. While he gained a little following, it wasn’t enough to push Jack into the next stratosphere.

Determined to make it, Cizzorz continued to pump out content. He started to release videos dedicated to the next release under the Call of Duty umbrella, Black Ops 3. Here, he started to get his groove. With Black Ops 3, Jack found himself in the Top 15 for the Fastest Slidewinder Free Run.

You can tell that Cizzorz isn’t proud of the work he curated during his Black Ops days. He has moved almost any traces of these original videos from his YouTube page. Currently, you can access just two videos dedicated to this popular release under the Call of Duty franchise.

Cizzorz Gains YouTube Followers

Jack was beginning to feel the ground swell underneath him. The next step in his career was upon him. He started to branch out from Call of Duty. This move allowed him to diversify not only his game-playing abilities but also the following on his channel.

Following his impressive accomplishments with the Call of Duty Black Ops releases, Cizzorz started racking in other accolades. He set a record for the fastest run in BlackOut FreeRun. Next, he hit the Top 50 in Infected. 

All of these new endeavors paid off in visitor numbers to his page. During this time, he massed an impressive 400,000 followers. Just then, the biggest opportunity would present itself for Cizzorz. With a strong foundation, he was ready to dedicate his brand to Fortnite. This switch would prove to be the most significant decision in his career.

FaZe Cizzorz and Fortnite

Out of the gates, Cizzorz proved to be a force that was to be reckoned with in the Fortnite universe. He immediately created the most difficult obstacle for players to complete. So many pros were up to the task, in the attempt to crack his code. Many have found they were unable to pull off the feat.

Naturally, this type of skill caught the eye off.  The premier Fortnite clan successfully recruited the star to their crew. On March 13, 2018, Cizzorz officially became a member of the FaZe family.

Cizzorz Death Run Challenges

As we mentioned, Jack was notorious for crafting one of the most challenging obstacle courses in Fortnite history. Everyone in the gaming community was on the same page. This 10 level course all had excruciatingly long levels. In addition, they were created to be far too tricky. The amount of time invested would be a lost investment for the player.

While many were upset by the near-impossible factor surrounding Cizzorz’s Death Run, it also brought the star a ton of press. As they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The public was up for the challenge of Cizzorz’s Death Run Challenge. This rising interest in the most difficult Fortnite island made his area the most played in all of Fortnite Creative. 

Eventually, Suezhoo was able to accomplish the unthinkable. He won the Death Run in record time. The budding gamer completed the entire course within 3 minutes and 17 seconds. Cizzorz was impressed by this feat. He commented on the video uploaded by Suezhoo. After getting in contact with the impressive player, Cizzorz coughed up $1,500 to the winner.

Cizzorz Death Run 2.0 Controversy

Like any band looking to release their sophomore album, the pressure was on for Jack to deliver when the Death Run 1.0 course was officially beaten. He aimed to release a new Death Run on January 9, 2018.

In anticipation of the release, Cizzorz let the public know that the new Death Run would feature extra levels. As he was figuring out the logistics, Jack noted that he was tinkering with the idea of 13 levels in total. Unfortunately for Cizzorz, this never came to fruition.

On January 6, 2019, levels 11 through 13 of Cizzorz’s Death Run 2.0 got destroyed. It was noted that a person who had editing privileges made this fatal mistake. Cizzorz was up in arms because he claims that he was the only person who had editing privileges to the work.

He also accused random people of getting early permissions to try the beta version. On January 6, DectOfficial made a video. He released the code to the unreleased version of the Death Run 2.0. When Cizzorz found out about this video, he went directly to the source. Cizzorz pleaded with Dect to pull his video.

During this time, Cizzorz may have lost his temper. He swore at Dect. While Dect agreed to remove the video, he did release another one. This time, he dragged Cizzorz through the mud for how the star handled the situation. He claimed he was rude and disrespectful.

Furthermore, Dect said Cizzorz tried to get the gaming community to turn on Dect. The leaker felt that Cizzorz’s fans came in drones to attack Dect, hurting his credibility. As a hopeful streaming star, Dect felt Cizzorz assassinated Dect’s career. Meanwhile, Dect’s followers assassinated Cizzorz’s Death Run 2.0.

Someone who watched Dect’s video was able to destroy the levels upon entry. Once he realized this, Cizzorz did some detective work. The star realized that iComethazine was the person who destroyed his hard work.

Cizzorz Personal Life

As you saw in the early beginnings section of Cizzorz’s life, he likes to maintain a level of privacy. Therefore, it’s hard to get some info on what’s going on behind closed doors in the life of Jack. We do know that Jack grew up in Minnesota, an accent that he was able to shake as he grew up.

In April 2018, Cizzorz decided to move closer to his FaZe brethren. Like many Twitch stars, Cizzorz made the trek to Los Angeles, California. He currently resides with the rest of the FaZe gang in their Cali home. In addition to living with his co-workers, he also has his trusty sidekick, Ace. Ace is an adorable lab mix that has proven to be Cizzorz’s best friend.

Cizzorz’s Fan Following

While Cizzorz keeps his personal life closely guarded, it doesn’t mean that he lives his life with his walls up. Cizzorz is very interactive with his fan base in other ways. He is an avid Twitter user.

Jack regularly takes part in random Q&As on his Twitter feed. He likes to interact with his fans, give them advice on gaming, or make them feel good with a shout-out. This sort of interaction has earned him a pretty strong fan base that follows him across all platforms.

Currently, Cizzorz boasts around 850K subscribers to his Twitch channel. That doesn’t include the whopping 2.5 million and counting who subscribe to the star’s YouTube channel.

Cizzorz Mentoring Gamers

One of the best traits of Cizzorz is his willingness to help others. He is notorious for teaming with other people who are new to Fortnite. Cizzorz enjoys showing them the ropes, so they have the opportunity to fall in love with the same game that’s captivated him for so many years.

In addition, Cizzorz preaches kindness to others streamers. He believes the community should be lifting each other up, instead of putting each other down. In the big picture, Cizzorz thinks that helping one another will lead to even more people expressing interest in video games. As the excitement grows, so will the platforms that exhibit these stars. Due to this mindset, everyone wins.

He doubled down on this mentality following the Dect situation. Cizzorz openly stated he apologized to Dect for his behavior. However, he had a right to be upset. His hard work was not only exposed but destroyed. While Dect opened the door for these occurrences, it wasn’t his intention. That’s why Cizzorz told his followers to still give Dect a chance, even though Dect insists that Cizzorz told people to boycott him.

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