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Christie Swaddling – Famousss.com Christie Swaddling – Famousss.com

Christie Swadling

Christie Swadling

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East Gosford, New South Wales

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This Australian beauty is a survivor. Celina Swadling, or Cee, is a recovered anorexic who pushes body positivity through her fitness modeling. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed model has her share of controversies, too. That’s why the 5’9″ star fits in so well in the world of the Famousss. With 126k following her @christieswadling Instagram account, it seems like we’re willing to look the other way over a little Christie Swadling controversy. Personally, we’d rather just keep looking.

Christie Swadling’s Net Worth

This 24-year-old is on her way to becoming a household name. Still, she’s taking home some decent bacon. Christie Swadling has a net worth of $2,000,000. 

Most of Christie Swadling’s net worth is via her lifestyle brand. She runs Ceeactive.com.

They sell:

  • Workout Equipment
  • Gym Apparel
  • Supplements
  • And More

Additionally, Christie reps for other brands on her @christieswadling Instagram account.

You can catch her hocking goods promoting:

Her @ChristieSwadliing TikTok page has 10.4k followers and 81k likes. They are mostly workout tips, dancing with her boyfriend, or fashion shows. She’s just starting to pop up on the #fyp feed. So, you should see more Christie Swadling in the months to come!

Christie Swadling’s Early Life & Family

On December 23, 1996, Christie Swadling was born in East Gosford, New South Wales, Australia. Not much is known about Cee’s family. However, we know her childhood was traumatic.

She was an athlete growing up, specializing in long-distance tracking running. This competitive edge would push her to workout a little harder than she should.

Her peers would make fun of her. They would call the future star, “thick.” It gave her a warped sense of how her body looked, which would play a large role in her downfall…and rise to fame. 

Around 14, Christie Swadling started idolizing Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr. Christie began limiting her calorie intake to be around 200 calories per day.

As she explained to The Mirror,

I was a big fan of Miranda Kerr and I liked the fact that she was very tall and very slim. I loved her stomach. I’ve always had a problem with my stomach and hers is just flat and her ribs look lovely.”

By 16, Cee landed in the hospital twice. Eventually, Cee realized that she was actually smaller than Miranda. At that moment, Christie no longer liked how she looked and wanted to go back to a healthier size. 

She was afraid of dying and got the mental and physical support she needed. Thankfully, Christie rebounded and is now on a path to help others succeed in meeting their health and wellness goals. 

Christie Swadling’s Rise to Fame

Christie got the world’s eye by documenting her workouts on Instagram. As her popularity caught on, Christie started her YouTube page on August 27, 2014.

She slowly made content on both platforms, gaining organic followers. As her numbers rose, Christie started Cee Active. Through this platform, Christie shared her story. Her struggles with body dysmorphia and the health implications really resonated with people.

As Christie explains,

“Through my years of damaging my organs and gut through malnourishment also developed severe IBS. At the end of 2019 I was able to heal my gut with years of self education and numerous of failed professional help attempts.”

Her message allowed Christie to expand her community to a podcast. She hosts Yo Balance. This growing podcast is marketed under the Cee Cast umbrella. So, it seems like our girl is looking to expand her marketing efforts in the very near future! 

Christie Swadling’s Relationships

Christie Swadling is a beautiful person inside and out. She would make any man happy. However, some men care about fame more than the people in their lives. Case in point, Christie Swadling’s ex, Maurice Salib.

He broke up with her in 2019, prior to going on the reality show Love Island. Swadling had no idea he was going to be on the show until he was on the air. The star even noted that he used the same charming words and pick-up lines on other contestants that he used to woo Cee. 

She told reporters that he only cares about being a television star, but was still shocked by the move. 

The Love Island laughed back in the Daily Mail,

“‘Doesn’t this kid realise I document my whole life?’

He would then say that the twosome wasn’t even an official couple anyway. Christie said that was preposterous.

She explained to Daily Mail,

” ‘I actually can’t… that upsets me. ‘Like that’s f***ed. I’m sorry but honestly. Like is he just… I’m literally lost for words, because that’s sad.”

At the time, Maurice basically lived at her house. The two had spoken about a future together. Oh well. Since then, she’s rebounded just fine.

Christie Swadling is dating Joel Price. Joel Price has a preteen son named Kaden. Christie Swadling and Joel Price have a very strong relationship. They make many TikTok videos together. The two enjoy making each other laugh and showing their PDA to the cameras. 

Christie and Kaden get along really well, too. She refers to raising him as a kid. Kaden and Christie go to sports games together. They seemed to have created quite a bond. So, the three look like they will be a solid family unit going forward. Hey, it works for other Famousss stars Jules Trass and Laura Mellado

Christie Swadling’s Rumors & Controversies

Christie Swadling released an ebook called Balance, that documented her struggles and also provided recipes to help people reclaim their health.

People are claiming this book was a sham. She had the same recipes multiple times, and it was laden with typos. There is even a Tattle Life Thread questioning the authenticity of her brand. 

Other Notable Facts About Christie Swadling

Christie Swadling likes to pose with two fingers shooting like a gun. She does it with a sultry stare. It’s kinda become her signature pose.

Christie Swadling suffers from flare-ups with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). She blames her IBS issues with years of abusing her organs due to her anorexia. 

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