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This budding DJ has over 1 million spins on Spotify and 4.5 million followers on her @charlyjordan Instagram account. Charly Jordan is a model, entrepreneur, and singer. This dirty blonde-haired, hazel-eyed 22-year-old already had many Famousss hookups with Logan Paul and Tayler Holder. Whether she’s partying at Coachella or hyping up a Jake Paul fight, we’re here for everything Charly Jordan does. 

Charly Jordan’s Net Worth 

At just 22-years-old, Charly Jordan is already a millionaire. Now that she’s teaming up regularly with the Paul Brothers, she’s set to become a multi-millionaire. Right now, Charly Jordan’s net worth is $1,500,000.

Most of her money is from her career as a model. Charly Jordan is represented by Unruly Agency. They handle all of her media appearances and press opportunities. Through the Unruly Agency, Charly Jordan has landed some pretty profitable gigs.

Charly Jordan modeled for:

Unruly Agency also helped Charly Jordan launch her official Charly Jordan YouTube page. She partners with content creators to travel and create videos. Her page has 396,000 subscribers as of May 2021. 

She creates a lot of fitness content while on the road. That helps her procure endorsement opportunities with Boohoo’s “Active” division and the growing Alo Yoga apparel brand. 

Her YouTube page also has a lot of cross-promotional content with MyLifeAsEva. Eva comes with 11 million subscribers, which has helped with the growth of the Charly Jordan YouTube page. In turn, Charly’s videos have gotten more views, which brings in YouTube ad revenue. 

Charly Jordan has a free OnlyFans page that is supported by Unreal Agency. She doesn’t post content frequently. As of May 2021, she only has 105 posts. Yet, 45,000 people subscribe in hopes of catching an extra glimpse of this beauty.

Charly Jordan is also a DJ who lends vocals to her own works. Her official Charly Jordan Spotify page has 45,240 monthly listeners. Blackstrap Molasses has 1,395,240 spins to date. 

Her latest release is quickly on its way to 1 million. It’s a collaboration with Riot Ten called “Wanna Go (Charly Jordan VIP).” 

Like other Famousss stars Dhar Mann and Celina Smith, and Charly Jordan is also very active in the cannabis community. She has a cannabis brand called Smoke Roses. They are marijuana cones made out of organic roses. 

These premium cones run at $80 for a six-pack. They also have cones made out of Goji berries. These packs also come with a custom wooden packer so that you don’t rip the petals. 

As Jordan explained,

“Roses are my best effort. I put my heart into creating a cleaner smoking alternative that I genuinely believe will help change the smoking industry toward more natural standards.”

Additionally, Charly has a highly popular TikTok page @charlyjordan. Charly Jordan’s TikTok has over 6 million followers and 186 million likes!

Charly Jordan’s Family & Early Life

Charly Jordan was born on March 9, 1999, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 22-year-old Piceses is the oldest child of seven! She has two younger sisters and four younger brothers. 

As a child, Charly was very active. She was a competitive soccer player for 12 years. Charly Jordan also ran track during her high school years. She became a three-time state champion in Nevada. 

The future YouTube star was set for a free ride through college with a scholarship in track-and-field. However, Charly was tired of running and was more interested in traveling the world. 

Charly Jordan’s Rise to Fame

Charly Jordan rose to fame by just being herself. She moved to Costa Rica after high school to find herself. The self-made star started her IG page and created content in bikinis. It immediately caught on, and Charly Jordan earned millions of followers almost instantly. 

As Charly Jordan explained,

“Completely self made, I built my portfolio to what it is today by collaborating with people from all over the world.”

She blew up in 2020 when Charly Jordan began dating Tayler Holder. More people recognized her as she signed with Unreal Agency. Now, she’s plastered all over social media. With her even more recent relationship, she’s about to explode in the world of the Famousss

Charly Jordan’s Relationships

This mode and DH is a bonafide hottie, and any dude would be lucky to get to ride with her. Charly Jordan dated Robert Graham in 2019. He is a bitcoin millionaire. They traveled all over together. Charly Jordan is still the thumbnail in his Greece highlights on IG.  

In 2020, Charly Jordan fell hard for Tayler Holder. They were together for over a year. She hasn’t even scrubbed her IG of her pics with him. The two would post a lot of pics caressing one another’s face, staring deep into the others’ eyes. There was clearly a deep connection between the two.

Once they broke up, Charly Jordan was photographed with Logan Paul. Charly Jordan even sat with Jake Paul’s crew during the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight. Some of her IG stories were also tagged in New York the same weekend that Logan Paul arrived for the press to promote his fight against Floyd “Money” Mayweather. 

This was the infamousss event where Jake Paul snatched Mayweather’s hat and said “Gotcha hat,” which Logan Paul’s little brother then got tattooed on his arm while eating a sandwich. 

Charly Jordan’s Rumors & Controversies

Due to timelines matching up, many people believe that Charly Jordan cheated on Tayler Holder with Logan Paul. Either way, Tayler holds no grudge. 

He said,

“I just hope she’s happy.”

Charly Jordan got criticized for traveling during a pandemic. She tested positive for COVID-19 when she was in Rwanda. Rwanda has already suffered many tragedies with genocide in the past. Many thought it was very insensitive of her to expose them to a deadly virus. 

COVID-19 parties were a huge issue with Famousss stars in 2020. Just ask Bryce Hall and Blake Gray

Other Notable Facts About Charly Jordan

Charly Jordan is an advocate for mental health and moving on from mental and physical abuse. She founded a support group called Beauty In Pain

Charly Jordan has been involved in many music videos projected at festivals, including Pal Norte and Coachella. 

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