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This blonde-hair-eyed, hazel-eyed babe is a burgeoning star among the Famousss. The 22-year-old model has 1.2 million followers on her @itscelinasmith Instagram account. Celina Smith is a 5’5″ Los Angeles, California native that just started earning modeling endorsements due to her surge in popularity. She makes most of her cheddar bearing her finest assets on her OnlyFans page. We’re for those string bikini shots wherever she posts them!

Celina Smith’s Net Worth

Celina Smith is a star that is on the rise. While she’s been going steady on the grind over the last couple of years, 2020 is when she really started to break out into the next stratosphere. The current 2021 net worth of Celina Smith is around $200,000.

Most of Celina Smith’s net worth comes from her OnlyFans page. As of April 2021, she has 300 posts and 314,000 followers. She is active on the platform daily. 

The star has a $15 monthly subscription to receive exclusive pics, content, and opportunities to chat with her. She is known to run sales as much as 50% off. So, you always check back on her @celsmith_ OnlyFans page to see what she’s offering. 

You can keep tabs on her sales much easier if you follow her at her @smithcelina_ Twitter account. She even tweeted on March 17, 2021, that her OnlyFans page was $3 in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. So, it pays to be one of 31,000 Twitter followers. 

Most of her followers love to watch her on Instagram. @itscelinasmith has 1.2 million followers, which grows by hundreds of thousands each day. Her rise in popularity on Instagram has increased the interest of social media brands. 

Celina Smith started repping for the clothing brand Full Send. She likes to wear very small bikinis with their brand attached. This brand ambassador has also taken over their IG brand to help promote sales. 

Celina Smith’s YouTube page has 11,3000 followers. Her YouTube page shows a completely different side of the model. She actually plays videos games and showcases her personality. 

Don’t worry. She still rocks some nice low-cut tops. You’ll even catch her twerking in a video or two. Nothing sexier than a gaming girl who likes to have a good time. 

Celina Smith’s Family and Early Life

Not much is known about Celina Smith’s life before becoming Famousss. Her birthday is not currently known. However, we do know that she is 22-years-old. That means Celina Smith was born in 1998.

Celina Smith was born and raised in Ohio. She described the area as a small town near Cleveland. 

This model was destined to become a star. Since LA is a hub for content creation, she quickly moved to LA. She met a content creator that helped bring her to the next level.  

Celina Smith’s Rise to Fame

Celina Smith organically grew her Instagram following by posting some thirst trap pictures. We sucked it all up, and she got noticed by Full Send. 

Since her endorsement deal with Full Send, Celina scrubbed her IG content. A lot of her content involved her popular ex-boyfriend, which we’ll get to in a bit. 

Post-breakup, she became a successful model and opened her OnlyFans page. Now, she makes a living following her dreams…and looking good while doing it. 

Celina Smith’s Relationships

Celina Smith was in a long-term relationship with Stephen Deleonardis. He is better known to the world as SteveWillDoIt from his popular YouTube channel. SteveWillDoIt has over 3 million subscribers as of April 2021.

Many believe the two met in high school. They dated for years. She would sometimes appear in his prank videos. The two even smoked a blunt together in a weird five-minute video of the two entering a livestream. It ended with Steve flexing his biceps and her licking his muscle. 

SteveWillDoIt and Celina Smith broke up in early 2020. According to Steve, he caught Celina having a three-way. Angry, he dumped the starlet, even calling her a “clout chaser” in the process. 

Celina Smith Rumors and Controversies

As a sex worker, Celina Smith is no stranger to rumors. She tries to keep her head up high and stay humble. However, it’s hard when you’re living in the spotlight.

She has seen some bans in her lifetime. Instagram has pulled down some of her more risqué pics. In a hottttttt IG pic she wrote,

“Hopefully IG doesn’t delete this again.”

We sure hope so, too. Twitch has also been known to give her a hard time. She has a video uploaded called when Twitch indefinitely bans you. We still don’t know why she was banned, but we’re sure a low-cut top might’ve had something to do with it. 

There are rumors that Celina Smith been hooking up with Jason Pagaduan, also known as 905Shooter. People even suspect that Celina Smith cheated on SteveWillDoIt with 905Shooter.

905Shooter worked for Full Send for three years as a photographer. He worked with the production company NELK Boys. 

As NELK Boys member Forgeard told Dexerto,

“The main reason is there’s a lot of s**t with girls. When I brought him on three years ago, there were a lot of creepy messages he was sending to girls. We got a video in our direct messages of 905 sending unwanted, repetitive, unsolicited videos.”

Was Celina Smith a victim of these creepy messages or was she actively sliding into his DMs? We’ll keep you updated on any breaking Celina Smith rumors and controversies.

Other Notable Facts About Celina Smith

Like other Famousss hotties (such as DingleDerperxChocoBars, and Loserfruit), Celina Smith’s favorite game to play is Fortnite. 

Celina loves to smoke weed while she plays games or does live Q&As. It helps her chill and focus, especially when she’s playing Fortnite. She doesn’t have a favorite strain but does mention she is an indica girl over sativa. That means she likes to chill. 

Pizza rolls are one of her favorite guilty pleasures. However, they burn her mouth because she tends to bite them as soon as they come out of the oven. 

In the video what are u thankful for, she states that she is thankful for her family, dog, gaming system, and ability to do physical exercise.

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