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Ajey Nagar (Born: June 12, 1999) is a popular YouTuber known as CarryMinati. This Indian-based streamer has over 25 million subscribers to his channel. The controversial star recently released the most popular non-music video in India. However, YouTube removed the content due to abusive language. He’s still very popular and continues to gain followers to his channel for his outgoing behavior and funny content.

CarryMinati Early Beginnings 

Ajey Nagar was born right outside of the New Dehli, in a city called Faridabad, India. Upon graduation, he entered into Class-XII education. He was set to take a board examination for economics. However, he had an anxiety attack over the testing protocols.

With his mind racing, Ajey decided to drop out of school. In 2016, he committed his time to pursue a career on YouTube. Once he was firmly entrenched in his new life, Ajey did continue his studies though distanced learning and earned his degree. 

CarryMinati Starts a YouTube Page 

Long before he became CarryMinati, 15-year-old Ajey Nagar launched his first-ever YouTube page, AddicteedA1. Most of his content centered around recordings of Ajey playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After a while, he tried his hand at naming the page CarryDeol.

His following was growing slowly with time. So, Ajey decided to switch up his content. He started doing vlogs that were commentary-based. They would turn into rants and roasts of celebrities. These resonated with his audience. Most of the videos surrounded rap songs and Indian music that he made fun of. That type of content was unheard of in India. He quickly became an overnight sensation. 

CarryMinati and Illuminati 

During this time, we saw the genesis of Ajey becoming CarryMinati. He changed his profile pic to the Illuminati pyramid. For some reason, this new profile pic caused an uptick in viewers.

Realizing he was onto something, his videos started having the Illuminati eye at the end. All of this would lead to CarryDeol to become CarryMati.

CarryMinati Roasting BB Ki Vines 

CarryMinati’s single biggest breakthrough moment was his roast of Indian YouTuber Bhuvan Bam. The video known as ROASTING BB KI VINES become an instant hit with the Indian population. It gained him over 100,000 subscribers in less than a month. 

After a while, the video became viral. Within two years, he gained 50,000 more subscribers from that video. These stats made him the fastest-growing YouTube channel of all-time in India. 

CarryMinati YouTube Fest

In 2017, CarryMinati got a huge break by joining YouTube Fest. 

CarryMinati performed many of his bakchod parodies, including:

  • Ae Rupali (Success Story Of A Cringe Pop Artist)
  • Bahubali On Cycle (Bahubali Parody)
  • Bantai rap − Balle Balle
  • Charas Ganja (Success Story Of A Cringe Pop Artist)
  • Star boys − The Weeknd

He hopped onto the tour during the performance at Jio Gardens, Mumbai. However, he hasn’t done many live performances since. 

CarryIsLive Channel Launches 

While video games didn’t put him on the map, Ajey still had a soft spot. So, he decided to bring video game content on a new platform, CarryIsLive, on YouTube.

Ajey figured that his following had grown on CarryMati enough that people might actually care about the video games he plays this time around. However, he didn’t want to turn off subscribers on his popular page with content that was proven not to work in the past. 

Initial content centered around PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). However, now, he focuses on a variety of games and challenges. 

Carry accepts donations through his livestreams on YouTube. Unfortunately, someone hacked his channel and made three streams. They solicited bitcoins out of viewers. While CarryMinati acted quickly, his account was temporarily suspended to stop more fraud and until the streams were taken down for good. 

CarryMinati TikTok vs YouTube – The End Controversy

The hits kept on coming for CarryMinati. On May 10, 2020, he dropped his most popular video to date — TikTok vs YouTube. His video was the first in what became a popular trend on this streaming platform. 

During this video, he would roast different creators on TikTok. He went especially hard on Amir Siddiqui. People were sharing his rants with the trend on Twitter #CarryMinatiRoastVideo.

Due to this video, he earned 1.4 million subscribers in just one day. Furthermore, he broke the record for most subscribers earned in a week with 5,700,000 new followers! 

Eventually, YouTube got rid of the video. They felt he was harassing people and using hateful language. The removal of YouTube vs. TikTok – The End made CarryMinati fans mad. 

They theorized that TikTok made YouTube remove the video because it was hurting their brand image. Loyal CarryMinati fans started attacking TikTok reviews in Google Play and Apple Store. 

All of this backlash prompted Ajey to make a new video called STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS | YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END. He calls for people to stop harassing the platform. This video also received a lot of support from fans. 

CarryMinati and Copyright Issues 

Since he performs parodies, CarryMinati has upset a lot of people. Many artists accuse Carry of copyright infringement. Bhim Narula and Baap of Bakchod hit him with three strikes. He was also accused of wrongdoing by Baba Sehga. 

When CarryMinati came out with Yalgaar, it really upset pop artist Babu Habbi. The singer alleges that Ajey stole his beat from the song Bobocanta

From there, Kunal Kamra insisted that the beats were actually his. All of this was too much for CarryMinati to stay silent over. He denied ever sampling a beat from either artist. Maintaining his innocence, Ajey insisted the beats were engineered by his friend Will Frenzy.

The controversy got even more insane when Oliver heard about the controversy. All of these beats were used in his 2013 track Night Is On My Mind. This video was removed from YouTube in June 2020.

CarryMinati and Pardesi Girl Relationship

CarryMinati remains very private about his personal life. A lot of people speculate that he’s linked up with Parasdesi Girl Falguni Thakkar. 

She got famous because she posted a reaction video to ROASTING BB KI VINES. Ajey roasted her reaction video and playfully accused her of stealing his views. 

Since then, it’s been confirmed that the two message privately. However, they both deny that they’re in a relationship. 

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